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11-year-old Riverside Boy Is Taking It Up A Notch With His Lawn Mowing Business

11-year-old Riverside Boy Is Taking It Up A Notch With His Lawn Mowing Business

He plays hard, but works harder!

A North Toledo fifth grader is seeing if the grass is greener on the other side with his local lawn mowing business, WTOL11 reports. 

Tre'shawn Pittard has proved himself to be a friendly neighbor like Rodney Smith, who traveled the nation to provide lawn care to people in need, or Pheonix Brown who was awarded $10,000 for mowing the lawns of elderly and disabled people, and we can’t forget about the best bus driver, Jerry Martin Jr, who moved the lawn around the bus stop so the children didn't have to stand in weeds! He provides the same services when Riverside Elementary School lets out; Pittard, who also goes by Rozay, clocks into a passion he’s been working on for years, mowing lawns. A little motivation from his 16-year-old brother, Jaivon Starks, took him a long way. “I started because my brother started taking me to cut grass with him, and he told me if I make more money then I can help my mom out,” Rozay said. He doesn't mess around when it comes to his work! “I start with the front and then slowly [make my way] to the back." He has a love for mowing, saying it’s “very calming” and he can only think about one thing: “I just have to get this yard perfect,” Pittard explained. 

After the tire broke on the lawn mower he received from a generous neighbor, he was determined to fix it. His first stop was the local library to start marketing his services to support him in getting the mower back up and running. His hardworking efforts were recognized by LaGrange Branch Library, where he went to create business cards. Library spokesperson Kelsey Rader said, “We were thrilled! We want people to know about our resources, and we want them to come in and use them. We were so happy he was doing it in such a positive way too.” In the midst of passing his cards out, he got posted on Facebook, quickly gaining new clients. He moved from servicing neighbors to his mom taking him all over Toledo to cut the grass of people he’s never met. 

This young entrepreneur is already preparing to expand, connecting with companies to get snow removal tools!

We’re wishing you much success, Tre’Shawn!

Photo: Tony Geftos/WTOL