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11-Year-Old Kidpreneur Awarded Full Scholarship At HBCU Golf Classic

11-Year-Old Kidpreneur Awarded Full Scholarship At HBCU Golf Classic

He’s embracing his special powers and allowing them to fuel his future!

An 11-year-old kidpreneur was awarded with a full scholarship at the HBCU Golf Classic, Fox 4 Now reports. 

Carter Bonas is an 11-year-old who was diagnosed with autism before the age of one. He is considered “high functioning” on the spectrum but still experienced ridicule and bullying from other kids at school. Carter received support from his mother, Dr. Thelma Tennie, and his doctor who both helped him work through his emotions and get the care he needed. Soon, Carter sought out even more ways to self-soothe, finding a no-contact sport he could play that would help him be social while being sensitive to his diagnosis. He found solace and joy in golf.

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Carter began to worry about how he would take care of himself if anything happened to his parents, his anxiety at an all-time high. Inspired by his mother’s own entrepreneurial endeavors, he decided to launch his own business so he could carve out his own path and not have to worry so much about the future. 

Now Carter is the owner of “Spectrum Golf,” a company he created which sells quality golf gear, clothes, and vitamin water. The name is a nod to his diagnosis, which he hopes empowers other people and encourages them to embrace the things that make them special. The pre-teen also launched his nonprofit, “Carter’s Spectrum Golf Cares” which will focus on curating motivating engagement in schools, mentoring programs, and free golf lessons for youth. 

Recently, Carter attended the HBCU Golf Classic where he was honored for his efforts with a full scholarship to Florida Memorial University by the founder of the tournament, the Board Chair of Trustees at Florida Memorial, and FMU President Dr. Jaffus Hardrick. 


The 11-year-old took to social media afterward to share footage from the moment, thanking everyone for making it happen. Carter says he plans to take them up on his early scholarship offer, planning to pursue a degree in business at FMU so he can keep building up Spectrum Golf. 

Congratulations, Carter!

Photo Courtesy of Jacqueline Jimenez/Fox 4 Now