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#1000BlackGirlBooks Founder Marley Dias Releases Her First Book And Goes On Tour

#1000BlackGirlBooks Founder Marley Dias Releases Her First Book And Goes On Tour

Do you remember Marley Dias? The pint-sized visionary who at the age of 11 launched a book drive called #1000BlackGirlsBooks to collect books that showcased Black females as lead characters? Well Marley is just getting started.

From collecting over 11,000 books, to being tapped to partner with Elle Magazine to become editor of her own magazine, to most recently being the youngest member on 2018 Forbes “30 Under 30” list. Her latest feat is the release of her very first book,"Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You!", which she wrote to empower young Black girls to feel more than capable of changing the world around them.

"The biggest thing that disturbed me is the social structures and infrastructures in schools and in our communities that are pushing away from this intersectionality of being a Black person and a woman and a girl,” Dias shared in an interview with CBS This Morning

Her new book seeks to spread her message of making the world a better place where dreams can come true to hopeful children just like her. With an introduction provided by visionary filmmaker, Ava Duvernay, Dias tackles topics such as activism, volunteerism, and positive uses of social media platforms. Her book shows kids how to identify their strengths to positively impact the world while also gaining support from their communities to make their dreams come true.

Dias is currently traveling across the U.S. and participating in various luncheons and book chats to further promote her book. She has also been interviewed by various media outlets and also by some of her fellow students in cities on her itinerary. Dias shared with 13-year-old Taryn Robinson of Chicago last month that she wants to create "mirrors and windows" for kids all over the world.

My inspiration for the book 💓#MarleyDiasGetsItDone

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"When I say mirrors, I mean I want these stories to be reflected for the Black girls who are reading them, so they can see themselves and identify themselves and learn about their history. When I say windows, I mean open up to people who are different, to understand and to see and grow from those things we don't understand."

You can grab your copy of Marley's new book here. Congratulations, Marley!