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These 10 Black-Owned Candle Companies Will Keep You Cozy This Winter

These 10 Black-Owned Candle Companies Will Keep You Cozy This Winter

It’s a lifestyle!

While you’re purchasing new pajama sets and fleece throws for the couch, don’t forget to grab some scents to make your space warm and inviting during the cold months. It’s almost impossible to set the mood without the right scent to fill the air. Here are 10 Black-owned candle companies that will keep you cozy this winter:


Forvr Mood

Forvr Mood candles are an extension of the lifestyle brand created by Nigerian-American YouTuber and beauty mogul Jackie Aina. An OG YouTuber, she’s made luxury candles affordable and does a great job at promoting them every chance she gets. Apparently, people love them! With cute miniature holiday gift sets and candle names like “Cabin Fever” and “Sneaky Link,” they’re a mood. Grab them all!



Copper Wings Candle Co

This one is a Black woman-owned company based in Milwaukee. They’re essential oil candles with no synthetic fragrances. The best part about them is that they’re made in drinking glasses so when the candles are gone, you can reuse them! There’s a plethora of scents to choose from, and there’s even unscented options if you just want to get back to the basics. 



Candles From The Hart

This business was started last year by Hart Wilson, who was only 11 at the time. The budding entrepreneur started the handmade candle company as a way to eventually pay his tuition to Howard University. When he was only 6 years old, Hart decided he wanted to attend the D.C. HBCU. He put his dreams to work by launching the candles, and he’s done well for himself. 

“I got on the internet and saw that people were making different things to sell to earn money, and I settled on candles. My parents and I watched YouTube videos and started experimenting with making candles, and we figured it all out, and that’s when it all started,” Hart told Because of Them We Can

He has quite a variety, featuring fragranced candles in Lemon Zest, Pineapple, and Rosemary & Sage. Check out his site and give to a worthy cause to support this young business owner. 



Laguna Candles

These candles are one-of-a-kind statement pieces. There’s a variety of collections to choose from, including luxury, travel and seasonal candles. But our absolute favorite are the ones that come in handmade artisan holders. They’re absolutely gorgeous and they can be refilled and reused. Check out the Ceramic and Heirloom Artisan Collections for a truly special gift!



One Eleven Candles

These super cool candles are made in Ohio, and they feature hand-poured candles with crystals infused in them. Not only does every candle smell good, but they all were set with an intention and with the purpose of attracting a specific energy. Light up and start manifesting!



Frères Branchiaux Candle Co.

Another eco-friendly candle company, this one was started by 3 young brothers named Austin, Ryan, and Collin Gill when they were just ages 8, 10, and 13. In addition to their non-toxic, affordable luxury candles, the company also sells soy candles, room sprays, diffusers, and soaps. It’s a one-stop-shop, and the company has been featured in a number of major retailers. An added bonus is that 10% of all profits are donated to homeless shelters nationwide. 



Jay & Lynn Co

This small, Black, woman-owned business provides a variety of smells that pack a punch. Made from “a premium selection of soy and coco apricot creme wax,” Jay & Lynn Co candles are looking to give you big smells that are pleasing for every mood. Check out their gift cards too if you’re still undecided.




The marble candles just do it for us, and this company’s commitment to a full body care ritual is just what the self-care doctor ordered. Grab your Gilded candle, a marble body brush and some of their body balm. It’s a whole experience!




Smell of Love Candles

This candle company is owned by kidpreneur Alejandro Buxton. The Virginia native began making candles in his mother’s kitchen, quickly growing operations to an online site. This summer, he expanded again, getting his own mall kiosk and becoming the youngest leaseholder at one of the nation’s largest malls, Tyson’s Corner. His candles have staple scents; he even has some fun ones for the holidays that will make your home smell like everything from a Christmas tree to fresh baked cookies. Check out his holiday gift set if you want to try out a little bit of everything.




Joe + Monroe

Absolutely love this brand! From the inspiring creation story to the pastel-colored candles with the brand name emblazoned on them, it’s all a vibe. They ship worldwide, have warming smells like Tobacco + Teakwood and Cashmere Vanilla, and they also have bedtime accessories like silk pillowcases for sale. If you’re looking to get cozy, why not go all the way with a full bundle? 




Let us know how you like our picks!

10 Black-owned candle companies that’ll keep you cozy this winter. Photo Courtesy of @freresbranchiaux/Instagram