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Vegan Influencer Tabitha Brown Partners With ‘The Calm App’ To Lull Us To Sleep

Vegan Influencer Tabitha Brown Partners With ‘The Calm App’ To Lull Us To Sleep

This is a match made in heaven!

Vegan influencer Tabitha Brown just partnered with The Calm App to lull us to sleep with a bedtime story, Black Enterprise reports. 

A few years ago, Brown burst onto the social media scene, sharing her vegan journey with the world while spreading love and positivity. Last year, Brown amassed over 1 million followers on TikTok within 24 hours, catapulting her to fame and introducing everyone to America's favorite mom. As a result, several opportunities emerged, including several magazine covers, a plethora of brand partnerships, and her very own show on Ellen's network. Fans haven't been able to get enough of Brown and have raved about everything from her recipes and hair to the tone of her voice. The latter skill has now landed her a new partnership with The Calm App, a popular meditation app, where Brown will read users bedtime stories. 

"Slowing Down With Tabitha Brown" is a new featured bedtime story that Brown co-authored and narrated in partnership with the app. Subscribers can listen in as the North Carolina native shares a soothing tale inspired by her journey. 

"I'm a storyteller by nature. I'm from the country. We'd grow up telling stories, and I love that. I love that they let me co-write with them, and add things, and give my own little feel into it as well. Just getting in the studio and telling the story, it was just so peaceful within, right," Brown said in an interview with Essence. 

Brown credits the new partnership to the support of her 3 million followers, who urged the app to go into business with her. "Well, it really started because people would start tagging Calm every day on Twitter and saying, 'You know what? Give this woman a sleep story. We need to hear how to go to sleep. Her voice helps my anxiety. It calms me down,' and I was like, you know what? That ain't a bad idea, and it aligns with everything that I'm about, just being good to yourself. Because that's what it is. When you take the time to be calm, that means you are actually taking the time to be good to yourself, and to reset, and to calm down. That's everything that I am, so I was like, 'I want to do it, let's do it," said Brown. 

She took to social media to announce the new partnership and thank her followers. 

"Thank you all so much for the love today!! Maaannn, I love y'all!!!! Big thank you again to @calm for making this happen! Now, who's ready for a good bedtime story tonight? Come on in the room whenever you're ready; I'll be here on @calm waiting," she said. 





You can subscribe to The Calm App here

Congratulations Tab! We love you!

Photo Courtesy of Tabitha Brown/Instagram