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Two-Year-Old Prodigy Teaches Himself Languages Overnight And Solves Mathematical Equations

Two-Year-Old Prodigy Teaches Himself Languages Overnight And Solves Mathematical Equations

He's a baby genius!

Two-year-old Isaiah Gyamfi loves to read, write and learn languages with the help of his mom Jazelle. Since he was five months old, his mother says he's been grasping new information quickly. He'd often take her phone to watch educational videos and repeat what he learned back to her.

"One day Isaiah was watching a phonic video on my phone on YouTube, he scrolled to the videos at the bottom and clicked on a Japanese numeracy video," the London-based early childhood education teacher told reporters. "He listened to it once and was fixated. He asked to watch it again, then before I knew it, he would recite the numbers back to back."

His parents first noticed his aptitude for learning when he was eight months old. He surprised both of his parents by saying letters when they pointed them out.

"I was first taken back and thought, did my eight-month-old just call out letters? I remember just laughing nervously, but I was so excited and wanted to hear it again. I thought maybe it sounded like he said the numbers and letters, but he actually said something else. But he continued to say it, which confirmed what I thought," Jazelle said. "I remember telling his dad when he got home from work I took Isaiah to the wall where the letter and number stickers were; when he called them out, we both stood there just laughing."

His mother began documenting his progress on Instagram earlier this year. He's now a budding polyglot. According to his Instagram page, he speaks several languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Twi, Yoruba, and Japanese. However, the toddler's genius isn't strictly with words; he can also identify flags.

His mother said on Instagram that what he loves the most are numbers. She told reporters that he loves to play with numbers in front of him, practicing on his whiteboard every day. He loves math so much that he teaches his friends at nursery school.

"I recall one of his nursery teachers telling me that he sat with his friends and helped them learn their numbers. She said his friends weren't so confident, so Isaiah sat with them and would point out the numbers, asking them to repeat what he was saying," his mother said proudly. "She said how sweet it was to see and how much he wanted everyone to learn with him. It was a moment I won't forget. He was just over two at the time."

She's been asked how she's gotten Isaiah, who will be three in January, to be so advanced, and she said he just loves to learn.

"He often dreams about numbers; I know this because he sometimes talks in his sleep counting. Many think it's me who encouraged him to develop a love for numbers/maths/learning, when it's all him," She wrote on His passion for numbers at his age is something I'm not sure you can teach. My job is to maintain & support his excitement, love, and passion for learning as long as I'm on this earth."

Isaiah's parents plan to take him to be a child psychologist to be assessed because they believe he's gifted.

"I have never had experience with a child like him, and I'm saying that with over 10 years experience in early years education," his mother said.

Keep on learning, Isaiah! We're rooting for you.

Photo Credit: @educatingizzy/IG