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Two Sisters Are Changing The Face of Wellness With Yoga Mats Featuring Black Women

Two Sisters Are Changing The Face of Wellness With Yoga Mats Featuring Black Women

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These two sisters, Julia and Cornelia Gibson, are changing the face of wellness with their new yoga mats for Black women, Black Enterprise reports.

Toned by Bagged Em is a fitness brand created by the Gibson sisters that helps elevate the narrative of real women on real fitness journeys. Their yoga mats emblazoned with images of curvy Black women with natural hair are the first in a line of products designed for us, by us. 

The sisters were inspired by their own fitness journeys. The two are yoga-heads and really got tired of seeing the same type of woman represented in many wellness marketing campaigns. They saw it as an opportunity to show a different face of wellness by creating something that reflected them.

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The Gibson sisters started by having conversations with other Black women about their fitness journeys , including the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight and finding products that they feel are reminiscent of themselves and people like them. Thus, the yoga mats were born. Using images drawn by their mother, the sister duo put the drawings onto mats with the goal of instilling confidence and pride among those using them.

Their Kickstarter campaign raised $2,000 in less than two months and the Gibson sisters jumped headfirst into their new endeavor. The mats are made from eco-friendly materials, easy to clean, and heat resistant to even the most intense hot yoga class. They come in four different designs and range from about $60 to $80, a good investment for yoga-heads across the globe. 

The sisters say they plan to expand their collection to feature women of all different ethnic backgrounds, shapes and sizes, recently releasing a limited edition “Unity mat.” They also want to continue work with various wellness brands similar to the partnership they have with The Nest, a wellness center in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering customers the option to purchase a mat and book a yoga class. 

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Ultimately the goal is just representation. The Gibson sisters say they want Black women to see themselves in products and know that their brand is created with them in mind.

To learn more or purchase your very own mat visit their website.

Congratulations Julia and Cornelia! We love it! 

Photo Courtesy of @tonedbybaggedem/Instagram