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This New Jersey Woman Plants Nursery Inside An Abandoned Police Kiosk

This New Jersey Woman Plants Nursery Inside An Abandoned Police Kiosk

We bloom wherever we're planted!

A Jersey woman planted a nursery inside an abandoned police kiosk, ABC7 NY reports.

Shayla Cabrera is the owner of Tia Planta, a company she started during quarantine to share information with people about how to care for plants, share tips and tricks, and offer her services as a personal plant shopper. Cabrera's love for the green buddies and her experience caring for over 200 plants of her own inspired her to share the information with the world. 

"Before this, I was a career nanny. I worked for celebrities, athletes, and politicians. This business began during quarantine with my massive plant collection. I sat, and I thought, how can I share all of this information, so I started making videos and sharing them on Instagram and TikTok," Cabrera recalled. 

She then took her services on the road, hosting local pop-up shops across New Jersey. Eventually, she got a call from city officials asking her if she'd like to convert an abandoned police kiosk into a greenhouse. 

Photo Courtesy of @TiaPlanta/Instagram

“This space was previously unoccupied for about 25 years. It was a police station post for a few years and then it was shut down. The city approached me with the opportunity to turn it into a tiny greenhouse and the community is amazed to see how it has transformed the square,” Cabrera said. 

Inside the 150 square foot kiosk, Cabrera houses hundreds of plants, from cacti to rare species. She handpicks each one and nurtures them to health before selling them to locals.

"We want to make sure everyone stays happy, grows with their plants, and continues their plant collection and their hobbies. Tia Planta is here to teach you and help guide you through the process," she said. 

The Tia Planta kiosk is located in McGinley Square at 722 Montgomery St. in Jersey City, New Jersey. You can follow Cabrera's journey here

Congratulations Shayla!

Photo Courtesy of @TiaPlanta/Instagram