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They Taught Us: 12 Things We Learned From The Obamas These Last 8 Years

They Taught Us: 12 Things We Learned From The Obamas These Last 8 Years

We asked our Facebook and Instagram community to share what they've learned from President and First Lady Obama. The response was overwhelming. Check out a few of our favorites below and add your very own to our comment section. 

1) "I learned that true 'civil servants' still exist and truly care about their constituents. The fact that they 'opened the White House' to ALL people of this country made them more endearing!!!" - Ing A. Williams

2) "I learned to be kind to others even when they aren't kind to you. The Obama's endured so much hate during the past 8 years, but they never missed a beat and always displayed kindness & love. I strive to go high when others go low." - Melanie Rae

3) "From President Obama: I learned what it meant to stay focused on your assignment, even when faced with criticism, opposition and limitations." 

From First Lady Michelle Obama: I learned what it meant to stay classy, remain humbled, dream big, never stop pursuing your dreams and achieve great things." - Kai Martin

4)  "I learned that if you know your own value that no one else's construction of you can impact your grace. I have never been so impressed with the grace of anyone in my life." - Margaret Downs-Gamble

5) "I learned what Black love looks like." - Robyn Evans

6) "I learned that RESPECT is EVERYTHING. You may be surrounded by negative people who want to fight everything you try to do for the greater good but keep moving forward." - Tasha Johnson

7) "I learned that marriage & family matters & it should motivate us to make the world around us better. You can, as a woman, have it all if you wait for the right one & vice versa." - Karen Cartwright Booker

8) "I learned that a man is most influential when he loves his wife well." - Kellie G

9) "I learned humor and humanity go hand in hand." - Colleen Sullivan/@yes_whynot

10) "I learned that showing grace and patience is a key part of love, success, and leadership." -Atiya Elliott-Semper/@atiyathehun 

11) "I learned the importance of following your own North Star and being your authentic self even the face of hatred and great odds." - @lomi0327

12) "I learned that money can't buy class! You may not support my policies but you will respect me as a man/family." - Patricia Kimble