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These Triplets Are Set To Graduate From Grambling State University At The Same Time

These Triplets Are Set To Graduate From Grambling State University At The Same Time

Three's company!

These three brothers are graduating from Grambling State University, Blavity reports. 

Stevie, Steven, and Stephon Wilson have been joined at the hip since birth, literally. The triplets were born eight weeks premature and have been working ever since to show everyone just how special they are. 

“They tried to put us in special education. If it wasn’t for my mother...she’s the one that said ‘no, those boys got talent.’ When we graduated high school, we proved them wrong. Now we’re getting ready to walk and prove them wrong,” said Stephon, the youngest brother. 

Stevie and Steven, the oldest of the three, are biology majors with goals of becoming doctors. While Stephon is a double major in management and computer information systems. He plans to start his career with The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as an asset management specialist following graduation. The trio all chose to go to Grambling State since it has been their family’s alma mater since the 1950s; their mother, D’Juana Wilson, is also an alum. 

“It’s been an amazing tradition,” Stephon told reporters. “Every year, we would go to homecoming. Coming here was one of the best choices I have made in my life because of the Black culture. I wasn’t aware of a lot of Black history; it wasn’t something we were taught in school. To be able to come to an HBCU and learn more about our culture and the history of Grambling State University, I have enjoyed every opportunity I have had here.”

The Winnfield, Louisiana natives said it’s been awesome having the support of each other throughout this journey.

“It’s awesome being a triplet. When you tell people you are triplets, it’s like you are a celebrity. You’re famous. They don’t believe it until they see all three faces,” Stevie said. 

Stevie hopes to become a physician, inspired by doctors who cared for his grandmother after her knee surgery.

“They were straightforward but also endlessly concerned and compassionate. This gave me a greater appreciation for the medical profession. I decided it was my purpose in life to give back...Representation matters," he said. "More importantly, Black health matters...This field is in need, and I want to be a part of that. I want to be able to help heal this world.” 

Steven is looking to become an anesthesiologist and create a new paradigm for Black males in the field.

“There’s not a lot of African-American males in the medical field. In the next generation or decade or so, we need those Black role models in medicine. Without [them], where would the medical field be? Who will advocate for the culture, the people, or the community,” he said. 

The Wilson brothers are scheduled to graduate on April 15th. Their mother said it will be an emotional day for her, one filled with joy but also bittersweet. This is the first time in their lives the brothers will be separated. Stevie will be attending an MCAT prep program at the University of Miami with brother Steven taking a gap year before enrolling in med school. At the same time, Stephon begins his new position at the FDIC. The brothers echo their mother’s sentiments as they prepare to carve out their individual lanes in this world while continuing to make their hometown proud. 

“[When we graduated high school] we saw it. When we all left [for college], they were very, very emotional but us graduating and actually separating - I think it’s going to be bittersweet, but they’ll be happy because we’ll be third [generation] legacy," Steven said. "Our motto when we left Winnfield was to set the standard for other African American minorities in our town. [For] so many young students in Winnfield, they don’t have that role model to look up to. We set that standard to let them know it can be done."

Congratulations guys, you're on the road to greatness! 

Photo Courtesy of Carlton Hamlin/Blavity