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These Hits By Anita Baker Are Exactly What Black Love Should Feel Like

These Hits By Anita Baker Are Exactly What Black Love Should Feel Like

Happy Birthday to a legend!



In the realm of musical icons, very few measure up like Ms. Anita Baker. Her music continues to stand the test of time! When she was fighting for her masters a couple of years ago and asked us to stop streaming her music until she sorted it out, we’ll admit that we almost died trying to honor her wishes. Even now, nearly 30 years after some of her best hits were released, thousands from all generations are tussling to make sure they grab one of the hottest tickets in town, a seat at her Vegas residency - and it's consistently sold out. It’s not just her voice, although it's ethereal, or her performances, be they legendary. It’s everything. The music transports you to a special place in time, one where everything was much simpler, one filled with a lot more love, and one that’s hard for any artist to duplicate. In honor of Ms. Baker’s birthday, we’re kicking it off with a list of hits by the songstress that is exactly what Black love should feel like:




From the very first drum opening to the last melodic note, this is the one. If you've never sang this to your boo, you ain’t ever been in real love. Every note and ad-lib is perfectly placed, and the bridge breakdown is heavenly. 

I Apologize

There is no love without moments of discord and fighting. When two people are able to navigate the storms of life in a healthy way, the love is that much sweeter. There is no song that encapsulates that complex moment of love like “I Apologize.” It is one of those timeless songs and so relatable. Even if you haven’t done anything, turn it on and you and your baby launch a duet. Extra points if you catch nostalgia hearing the moment you have to call the operator to “get your baby on the line.” HA! 

Body and Soul

We can all relate to wanting that feeling of security in a relationship. The whirlwind of new love and the desire to be loved deeply is a sweet torture. The music just ain’t hittin’ like it used to because we were definitely children wanting to be loved “body and soul.” SANNNGGGG Auntie Anita!

No One In the World

The great thing about icons like Ms. Anita Baker is that the talent is just undeniable. Take us back to a time when the music was amazing, and the videos were equally entertaining. The particular video for this song had political undertones, historic venues like the Apollo, and a cameo from Spike Lee. It was a production, ok? Anita hits the stage, and you journey right back to that sweet spot in love. Anita just made you want to stick it out in the relationship even if they had already moved on. In other words, it was complicated.

Caught Up In the Rapture

No Anita Baker song list would be complete without this one. It is a part of the cultural ethos, and it will still be here after we’re all gone. The song title became a part of the lexicon, and if you ever want to describe real love, reference these lyrics.

Sweet Love

“With all my heart, I love you baby. Stay with me, and you will see.” No truer words have been spoken. It’s a feeling, it’s a groove. It’s love. Get all the way into it.

Giving You the Best That I Got

This is the one! It's the culmination of every other song, and if you don’t have anything else in love, you’ve got your best. You can literally get lost in this song and the minute you hear it, it takes you back to a particular moment in time. It is really the storytelling that makes it so much sweeter. Betting everything on your wedding ring is really a top tier flex. This is true artistry. This is Black love.

Thank you for the soundtrack to our love Ms. Baker. We absolutely adore you. Happy Birthday. 

These hits by Anita Baker are exactly what Black love should feel like. Photo Courtesy of iHeart.