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Texas Teen Heads To Prom In Michael Jackson Inspired Dress

Texas Teen Heads To Prom In Michael Jackson Inspired Dress

She came to slay!

A Texas teen headed to prom in a Michael Jackson inspired dress.

Prom is a big thing for most high school students preparing to enter the next chapter of their lives. It’s like The Met Gala of the young adult world and parents spare no expense to send their children off in their best-looking outfits in grand fashion. From Black girl magic-themed dresses to custom gowns effortlessly designed by younger siblings, we’ve seen it all. Yet every year, there’s always at least one prom send-off that stands out above the rest. 

This year it’s Gabby Matsuoka, a self-proclaimed fashion model from Dallas, Texas. The teen hired popular Dallas prom designer “The Kiwe Prom” to make her a custom gown inspired by iconic pop singer, Michael Jackson. The dress was based on Jackson’s famous blue and gold bedazzled Grammy blazer, the Kiwe Kollection nailing many of the details, from color to shoulder pads to sparkle. Gabby even made sure to top off the outfit with two gold necklaces, an “M” and a “J.”

“The Iconic Blazer Michael Jackson wore to the Grammys…How did we do?,” the prom designer captioned a photo of Gabby’s dress next to a picture of the late superstar. 

Many took to the comments to congratulate her on a job well done. 

“This hits every single right note!!! Inspiration instead of imitation! WINNER!,” one user commented. 

“I Love this! For so many reasons. One she looks beautiful, two the respect given to an ICON, and the fact that she’s young & of this generation and can appreciate it…SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL,” another wrote. 


Gabby also took to her social media to share images and footage from the big night, captioning the photos “do you remember the time?,” a nod to Jackson’s popular song. 


It’s the iconic-ness of it all!

<span">Photo Courtesy of The Kiwe Prom/Instagram