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Tech Entrepreneurs Create Company To Help Student-Athletes Monetize Their Brand

Tech Entrepreneurs Create Company To Help Student-Athletes Monetize Their Brand

Change is coming! 

Two tech entrepreneurs just created a new company helping student-athletes monetize their brand.

Jared Eummer and Ashton Keys are the founders of Athlytic, a new marketplace helping bridge the gap between brands and student-athletes, Newswire reports. The founders have created the company just as laws have been passed in states allowing student-athletes to profit off of their names, images, and likeness -- finally. Athlytic’s mission is to be the liaison between that monetization, educating, supporting and connecting student-athletes to various brand partners. 

Recently, the company took out a billboard in Indianapolis during NCAA March Madness with the phrase “Change is coming,” next to the hashtag #NotNCAAProperty. The conversation around student athletes not being able to monetize their own brand while colleges profit in the millions from their labor has been happening for years. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the discussion as many student athletes were adversely impacted by the pandemic, not being able to play and not being able to make money while being locked out for an entire season. Meanwhile, schools have continued to rake in the dollars. Eummer and Keys are both hoping to change that. 

“Our mission is to provide economic support to student-athletes from under-represented communities and the continued conversation around NIL legislation was our driving force,” the duo told Because Of Them We Can

The company launched this past April, setting up an open air marketplace that allows for a seamless user friendly experience for athletes looking to receive endorsement opportunities from brands. Athletes create a profile via Athlytic, connect their social platforms, and get recommendations on potential partnerships and pricing suggestions.

They can accept the deals via the platform and receive assistance with scheduling online campaigns. Once they complete their campaign commitment, they’ll get paid via the app. According to the site, the company has already received support from a few major brands including BET, ESPN, Mountain Dew and former presidential nominee Andrew Yang’s nonprofit Venture For America

“We hope student athlete influencers gain the tools, resources, and educational components for them to own their name and business affairs; and ultimately change the lives of their families and communities,” the founders said. 

To learn more about Athlytic, visit their site here.

Photos Courtesy of Athlytic