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Take A Listen: Political Analyst Angela Rye's New Podcast Is Just What We Need Right Now

Take A Listen: Political Analyst Angela Rye's New Podcast Is Just What We Need Right Now

New podcast alert! Angela Rye has officially joined the podcast world with the premiere of her new podcast "On 1 with Angela Rye".  As a CNN political commentator, a NPR political analyst, and the CEO of Impact Strategies, Rye has consistently and unapologetically used all of her platforms to speak out about legal, social and political issues. She plans to continue to do so with her new podcast, which will feature guest interviews and segments such as "Political Highlight" and "The Moment In Blackness. 

“I heard a lot of feedback from viewers and followers asking for a platform where they could keep the conversation going beyond a commercial break or 140 characters," Rye said. “On 1 will give me the opportunity to engage with people from every corner of the country, and allow us to honestly address the pressing political, racial, and pop culture questions of the day together.”

Rye was exposed to activism through her father, a committed activist himself, and her mother, an education advocate, at an early age. From joining her parents at protests and marches as a child, it's safe to say Rye isn't new to this, she's true to this. 

 "I grew up always thinking that fighting for justice was our obligation, whether that’s giving your voice to something, serving as a verbal advocate for someone or physically being in spaces or occupying space to make and create change," said Rye. So it’s never been an option. It was always an important part of who I am." 

For her first episode, Rye interviews the woman whose office she landed her "first political internship and... fell in love with the political process in"- the legendary Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Take a listen below. 

You can find "On 1" on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify and SoundCloud.