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Spike Lee Snapping Pics of Steph Curry On Historic Night Is Brotherly Love Personified

Spike Lee Snapping Pics of Steph Curry On Historic Night Is Brotherly Love Personified

What’s better than one icon…two!

Spike Lee snapping pictures of Steph Curry on his historic record-breaking night is brotherly love personified!

According to the New York Post, NBA star Steph Curry recently made history at Madison Square Garden when he broke Ray Allen’s record to become the NBA’s all-time lead scorer in 3-pointers. Many were in attendance for the momentous moment, including Allen himself who is now 2nd on the list and Reggie Miller, who now ranks third, Allen breaking his record back in February of 2011. 

Curry and the Warriors battled against the NY Knicks and with seven minutes, 33 seconds left in the first quarter, Curry took his 2,974th three-pointer shot of his career, officially making history. Following the record-breaking moment, the Warriors called a timeout so Curry could celebrate. Golden State went on to secure a 105-96 win over the Knicks, Curry raking up 22 points, three rebounds and three assists. He also went 5-of-14 from the 3-point range, bringing his career three-pointers to 2,977. 

When he wrapped up to conduct post-game interviews, waiting for him courtside was lifelong Knicks fan and filmmaker, Spike Lee. Lee is usually seen court side rooting hard for his Knicks – but this time, Lee was all smiles as he congratulated Curry, getting on his knees to capture the perfect picture of Curry’s jersey on the historic night. When Lee didn’t like how that picture turned out, he took a seat on the wood to get a better angle of the NBA star on his historic night. 


While many took to social media to share how hilarious it was to watch such an iconic filmmaker get on his knees just to take a picture, many others acknowledged the heartwarming moment between the two legends. Lee took to Instagram to share all of his highlight photos from the night including one with Miller, Allen and Curry, another with Curry and all of the men’s jerseys, and the final one that he took while sitting on the court of Steph, flanked by a sea of reporters conducting interviews. 


“Final photo of this historical night at Da Garden. Congrats to my brother Mr. Curry. Get dat ring. Peace and love,” Lee wrote. 


What a moment and what a show of support! Congratulations Steph!

Photo Courtesy of NBA on TNT/Twitter