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Soledad O'Brien’s Touching Tribute to a Remarkable Woman, Her Mother

Soledad O'Brien’s Touching Tribute to a Remarkable Woman, Her Mother

Award-winning journalist, Soledad O’Brien's groundbreaking career over the last two decades is full of work that has challenged, enlightened and educated audiences of diverse backgrounds. From her disruptive series on race in America to her support of young women and their collegiate pursuits through her PowHerful Foundation, O’Brien has consistently pushed sometimes hard, but necessary, conversations forward. And she has managed it all, while also successfully navigating as a wife and mother of three.

Today, in a touching Twitter tribute, we learned how -- she got it from her mother. 

O'Brien shared how her mother, who passed today, just 40 days after the death of her father, immigrated to the United States from Cuba and carved out a lane of her own.

She went to college, married her father when interracial marriages were illegal, learned English and French and became a teacher, challenged racial inequities and managed to send all six of her kids to college with the help of her husband.

One of the things O’Brien said she wish young women had, was access to her mother’s wisdom. Here are some of Mrs. Estela Marquetti O’Brien’s words that we can still embrace and learn from: 

- Everyone gets the same 24 hours.
- Decide how you’ll spend yours.
- Take 24 hours to sit in bed and cry… then stop complaining and make a list and plan your comeback.
- Keep ten dollars in your bra so you can leave when you want.
- People are basically full of sh*t, stop taking their stupidity to heart.
- You never stop fighting for the important stuff.



You're right Soledad, she was a remarkable woman. Thank you for sharing her with us, and our condolences to you and your family!