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Rain Pryor, Daughter of Famed Comedian Richard Pryor, Runs for Baltimore’s City Council

Rain Pryor, Daughter of Famed Comedian Richard Pryor, Runs for Baltimore’s City Council

Get ready Charm City! Rain Pryor is Live on the Baltimore Strip!

To celebrate her 50th birthday, actress Rain Pryor Vane, daughter of comedic legend Richard Pryor, put her bid in to run for a seat in Baltimore City Council’s 3rd District. She shared the news via her social media pages.

The actress and author posted, “A happy Birthday indeed. Guess who registered to run for Baltimore City Council!!” Pryor chose to step into the political ring after tackling issues of bullying with her daughter at her elementary school. Underwhelmed with school efforts, the incident would be the spark that lit a match to Pryor’s City Council trail.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Pryor will be running against Councilman Ryan Dorsey, who is finishing up his first term in the 3rd district. The comedic heiress looks to tackle a number of issues including, bullying and violence in schools, mental health and social services for youth, community and police engagement, combating crime, and helping small businesses. 

The “Head of Class” actress, motivational speaker and owner of “Raindrop Confections,” moved to Baltimore in 2006 and has been active in the arts community. Pryor’s theater credits are extensive around the globe. She is an accomplished actress, playwright and jazz/blues vocalist. In 2012, she was named the managing director for Baltimore’s Strand Theater.  

She seems to be following in her father’s footsteps even more now as she steps into the world of politics, seeking to address her community's concerns through “sharing [her] policies with [her] constituents, and engaging in healthy conversation,” although not through the same medium as the late, great Richard Pryor. 

Making the change from the theater stage to the political one won’t be easy but Pryor is confident. When asked “why [her],” Pryor replied, “why not me?”

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