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Radio Host Angela Yee Purchases Building To Help Formerly Incarcerated Women In Detroit

Radio Host Angela Yee Purchases Building To Help Formerly Incarcerated Women In Detroit

This isn’t her first investment in Detroit!

Radio host Angela Yee is giving back in a major way, recently purchasing a 30-unit building in Midtown, Detroit to help formerly incarcerated women, CBS Detroit news reports. Yee has partnered with Dr. Topeka K. Sam, founder of Ladies of Hope Ministries to help the women. Sam is also a formerly incarcerated individual who runs an organization helping thousands of women across the country. 

“We’re providing housing for people who really need it. It’s a real struggle for people once they get incarcerated to find adequate housing,” explained Yee. 

“What’s so exciting about this project is that we’re getting people a true fresh start and opportunity,” Sam added. 

Of the 30-units, 10 will be dedicated to formerly incarcerated women. Yee has also brought on popular entertainment journalist Jasmine Brand. As an investment partner, Brand said it just made sense and was something she was very happy about. 

“It’s really like it has a lot of potential, and you can see it come to fruition, so I’m super excited to see something start and blossom,” Brand explained.

The partners were in Detroit, making final decisions on the property recently. While this is the latest endeavor from Yee, it’s not her first in the home of Motown. Yee also owns a hair store in Detroit and previously rehabilitated a home in the historic Boston Edison neighborhood. Yee said this is different because she really just wants to make a change and give back. 

“I feel like the best and most satisfying thing is when somebody is like, you changed my life…For me, if I can be successful the way that I have and make the money that I’ve made, there is no reason for me to do that on my own and not do anything that’s not going to help the next person,” said Yee. 

The housing development is currently slated to be completed in May 2024.

Cover photo: Radio host Angela Yee purchases building to help formerly incarcerated women in Detroit/Photo Courtesy of Angela Yee/Instagram