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Oprah Says She 'Lives Inside God’s Dream' For Her

Oprah Says She 'Lives Inside God’s Dream' For Her

When you think of someone whose life represents the manifestation of bold dreams and prayers, Oprah Winfrey immediately comes to mind. 

The truth she has shared over the years from her personal to professional experiences continue to make her engaging and relatable for millions of fans all over the world. Whether she’s talking about her “favorite things,” a new book she’s enjoying or meditation process she subscribes to, when Oprah shares what she loves or what’s working for her, people all over the world respond.

So, when a correspondent from Essence asked Oprah how she’s dreaming big during Tyler Perry’s studio opening, we leaned in and her answer did not disappoint.

“I feel like I’m living inside God’s dream for me…I try to fulfill that dream through my physical body and my being,” she said.

Wow! Even T.D. Jakes was moved by her response.

Watch it below.



Photo courtesy of AP