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Nearly 30 Years Later, The American Legacy Brand Continues To Fulfill Mission To Preserve Black History For Future Generations

Nearly 30 Years Later, The American Legacy Brand Continues To Fulfill Mission To Preserve Black History For Future Generations

They're highlighting Black history every day!

Nearly 30 years later, the American Legacy brand continues to fulfill the mission to preserve Black history for future generations. 

Rodney J. Reynolds is the founder of American Legacy, a brand he created in 1995 that started as a magazine in partnership with Forbes, Inc. For 15 years, the magazine was published, circulating over 2 million. Eventually, Reynolds began focusing more on multimedia content. He created the American Legacy Network Corp (ALNC) that would become the umbrella company for the streaming site, American Legacy Network, Mobile Experiential bus, and TV/Film Production branch ALN Productions. For nearly 30 years, Reynolds has continued to hone in on the brand's mission, enhancing awareness of Black history and culture and continuing to tell the stories of the Black experience.  

Recently, ALN Productions announced new project offerings that will feature little-known historical history on public figures and events. The new projects include ALN Remembers, the Nooks & Crannies series, the American Legacy Challenge game show, and a full-length documentary on Major League Baseball player Chuck Harmon. 

ALN Remembers is a short-form series featuring 4 to 5-minute episodes that highlight significant events in Black history. Previous series highlights include the history of Black summer retreats, the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, Juneteenth, and a spotlight on the upcoming documentary about MLB pioneer Chuck Harmon.

The Nooks & Crannies: Black History in 60 Seconds or Less series focuses on in-depth educational shorts about Black history. The first installment profiles Val James, the first Black American athlete to play in the National Hockey League. From James' humble beginnings in New York to his NHL debut with the Buffalo Sabres in 1981, the series gives a powerful lesson on James' life and legacy in less than one minute.  

The American Legacy Challenge game show, hosted by author and podcast host Brandi Harvey, is inspired by American Legacy's Know Your History board game. The television show will feature high school students from across the nation and will premiere in 2022. 

ALNP Chief Content Officer JP Reynolds spoke about the significance of the game show via a statement, saying, "This is an amazing opportunity to connect our storied history with our bright future. We're engaging high school students from around the country and rewarding them for preserving and promoting our history in a fun format." 

ALNP is also currently working with the Harmon family and author Marty Pieratt to develop the documentary about Chuck Harmon. The documentary will focus on his legacy in MLB and the impact joining the league just seven years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier had on Harmon's life and career. 

Founder Rodney J. Reynolds said he's excited about the new project offerings coming down the pipeline from ALNP. The company is focused on preserving its mission and making the content easier for consumption for the newer generation. 

"We're pleased to offer a variety of engaging content. It's exciting to bring our history, Black history, to audiences in traditional and innovative ways. Whether you have just a minute or a full hour, like trivia, or just want to learn about one particular person or event, we have something for everyone. I'm proud of what the ALNP team is bringing to the market," said Reynolds. 

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Photo Courtesy of American Legacy Network