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Natalia Bryant Has Snagged An Internship On Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour

Natalia Bryant Has Snagged An Internship On Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour

This isn’t your ordinary summer job!

Beyoncé’s highly anticipated Renaissance tour kicked off earlier this month in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s the pop superstar’s first solo tour in seven years and it’s already receiving rave reviews. While she’s been very meticulous about crafting her 3 hour show for fans, Beyoncé has also been detail oriented about who's on staff. She recently released the full list of individuals working on the Renaissance Tour and Kobe Bryant’s eldest daughter Natalia seems to have snagged a job as an intern.

Natalia is currently a student at the University of Southern California and she is also signed to IMG Models. With her latest job as an intern for Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment, it seems she’s stacking up a pretty impressive resume. This isn’t the first time she’s worked with the Queen either. In 2021 Natalia was featured in the Ivy Park campaign, sharing the trailer, captioned “I’m so excited to be a part of the new Ivy Park campaign!!!! Love you so much Auntie BB.”  

The eldest Bryant child is currently studying film at USC, speaking about her and her late father’s shared love of movies at the ceremony unveiling his hand and foot prints this past March. While it’s not clear what she’s working on with the Renaissance Tour, this summer gig sure beats being a camp counselor. Also credited on the tour under musical arrangements is the young producer Amorphous who went viral in 2020 for his mashups. He first landed on Queen Bey’s radar when his “Ring The Alarm” and Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” mashup made it to her OTR II tour rehearsals. He’s been manifesting the chance to work with her officially since then. 

"Literally, everything I'm doing [right now] is an attempt to show these artists that I love and adore, from Beyonce to Rihanna and so many more, that I am capable of working with them. I am truly up to the task. It's been my dream for so long," Amorphous tweeted in 2020. 

Natalia now joins other famous celebrity kids like Malia Obama who are carving their own lanes in the world. Obama is credited as a staff writer on Donald Glover’s popular Amazon series “Swarm,” which is ironically about a “Beyoncé-like” figure. We know that this is just the beginning for Natalia and we can’t wait to see what she does next. 

Cover photo: Natalia Bryant has snagged an internship on Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour/Photo Courtesy of Amy Sussman/Getty Images