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Meet the Woman Spreading Positivity Across Social Media With Her Vegan Recipes and Sage Advice

Meet the Woman Spreading Positivity Across Social Media With Her Vegan Recipes and Sage Advice

We have a new auntie and her name is Tabitha Brown. The vegan influencer is taking social media by storm, having amassed over 1 million followers on Tik Tok in just 30 days by simply being herself.

The North Carolina native is known for her comedic vegan food reviews as well as her innovative recipes, inspirational advice and unique voice. She began her vegan journey after watching Netflix’s popular “What the Health” documentary. After battling with chronic pain for years, within the first 10 days of Brown’s 30 day vegan challenge, the pain disappeared. That’s when she decided she was never going back. 



Less than three years ago, Brown began sharing her journey with the world. Inviting viewers to “come on in the room,” as she cooked innovative plant based meals that made even the most devout meat eater at least want to try the alternative. She went viral after her review of a tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce and avocado sandwich from Whole Foods. The sandwich eventually sold out in multiple areas and Brown skyrocketed to social media fame. She has since garnered hundreds of thousands of followers across social media who come to her page not only to discover new recipes, but also find out about new products, get sage advice, laugh with “Tab” and her family and hear that soothing voice. 



Last month, Brown took her talents to Tik Tok, the wildly popular short form video app known for sparking dance challenges. In less than 30 days, Brown has gained over 1 million followers, the first million for any of her social sites. She took to social media to share her shock and gratitude saying, “So this past Saturday night I hit 1 million followers on Tik Tok. You guys have really been showing me support everywhere and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate y’all!!! So much more to come!! Love ya’ll!”



She went on to thank her daughter and friend for convincing her to get on the site, reiterating how in awe she is about how quickly people began following her. In another video posted to Tik Tok, Brown thanked all of her new followers and reminded everyone to keep following their dreams. 

“Don’t be afraid to live your dreams, no matter how young, no matter how old, and be your authentic self. You are enough, just however you is, you’re enough. Ok. Don’t give up, keep pushing. If you have an idea or this dream inside, it’s there for a reason. Don’t think it’s just something you made up. It’s your dream, so go for it,” Brown said. 

For more information on Tabitha Brown, follow her on social media @iamtabithabrown. 

Thank you for all you do Tab! We love you. Keep spreading positivity in the world. 

Photo Courtesy of Tabitha Brown/Facebook