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Meet The Web Designer Creating Black Illustrations For All Your Digital Needs

Meet The Web Designer Creating Black Illustrations For All Your Digital Needs

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John D. Saunders is a digital marketing expert and the founder of Black Illustrations, a hub of free digital designs of Black people that can be used in various online projects. 

The site offers an array of digital animated images that can be used for websites, presentations, mobile apps, etc. Saunders, a marketing guru with an extensive list of digital work under his belt, essentially created the site for the culture. 

“There just isn’t a lot of diversity in design. People of color are often underrepresented in illustrations, lacking in the design process and often go unseen in visuals across the internet. We saw the lack of diversity as an opportunity to create a free resource for everyone. As a way to add diversity to online content by showcasing Black people and people of color in a myriad of tasks, we hope to be the spark that creates more change in the digital landscape,” Saunders said in a statement on the site

Black Illustrations is not Saunders first brainchild, he is also the founder of 5Four Digital, a marketing agency that assists entrepreneurs with growing their digital footprint, and, a financial literacy blog for millennials. 

For Saunders, Black Illustrations is just another way for him to continue his commitment to educating, informing and empowering the culture. From courses and trainings, marketing and financial resources, the digital illustrations are another extent of Saunders’ empire of online content. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to do what I love for close to 10 years now from the sheer fact that I’ve always focused on giving the community VALUE. In the form of YouTube videos or Instagram content. I’ve always made it a point to give business owners tactics they can use,” Saunders said. 

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Thank you for all you’re doing John!

Photo Courtesy of @azeez.bakare/@johndsaunders/Instagram