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Meet the Couch Drummer Behind the Viral 'Before I Let Go' Video

Meet the Couch Drummer Behind the Viral 'Before I Let Go' Video

There’s a quote that says hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. In Trinity Robinson’s case, she has both! She calls herself the couch drummer, we call her amazing! The 17-year-old recently went viral for the innovative drumming cover of Beyoncé’s remix of “Before I Let Go.” But there’s more to her than beats. 

On Friday Robinson graduated from Chicago’s Percy Julian High School with a 4.0 grade point average and over $600,000 in college scholarships. Including a full ride to Roosevelt University where she plans to study political science and music.  

The self taught musical genius has been playing the drums since she was 2-years-old. She honed her skills in church and play the quads on the drum line in school. And when she couldn’t afford a drum kit, she didn’t let that stop her. 

“I’m always beating on things so when I discovered my couch and the baby toy sounds correlate well together I ran with that,” she told Because of Them We Can.  

Her energy and unique talent captured the attention of the internet and one artist in particular. She tells us that on March 4 Anderson Paak posted her cover of Michael Jackson and it led to something she never imagined.

“I told him my story of how I never could afford a drum set. So he told me when he touched down in Chicago he would give me a drum set and he did.”

Paak delivered the kit on June 4 with a handwritten message on the snare. It read, “Trinn, get yo a** off da couch!” 

With her parents support and encouragement, Trinity continues to play on the couch as much as she does her new kit. 

As for what’s next, with college ahead and her music career set to take flight, Trinity is clear on what she wants. She says her goal is to become the next Sheila E. and one of the best producers to come from Chicago. 

And we believe she’ll do just that!