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Meet the 11-Year-Old Reporter Who Interviewed a Presidential Candidate

Meet the 11-Year-Old Reporter Who Interviewed a Presidential Candidate

Instead of summer camp, 11-year-old Jaden Jefferson chose to focus on his journalism dreams. His decision coupled with his laser focus helped him land an interview with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

On Monday, Jefferson interviewed Warren in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio twice -- once in the press pool and then for an exclusive interview that spanned four minutes.  

Although he was the youngest reporter, Jefferson was ready. In addition to asking Warren’s opinion on President Trump’s policies, he also asked what separated her from the other candidates and what she would do to provide equal opportunities for people of color.

While his poise and knowledge of the issues is taking those in the media world by storm, Jefferson continues to prove that he knows what it takes to be a professional in his field. When Fox News reporter, Dana Perrino, asked his opinion on candidate Marianne Williamson, he refused to offer one. 

“I can’t comment on that, because that’s just one of my journalistic responsibilities,” he said.

When he isn’t asking presidential candidates questions about their future plans, Jefferson is studying his craft by watching the news or he’s out shooting and uploading stories to his social media pages.

We can already envision Jaden reporting live from any desk or scene he desires! Kudos to him and his parents for supporting his dream!

To stay updated follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at Jaden_Reports.