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Meet The Educator Bringing A Sense of Normalcy To Distant Learning With Her Pre-K ‘Circle Time’ Videos

Meet The Educator Bringing A Sense of Normalcy To Distant Learning With Her Pre-K ‘Circle Time’ Videos

If you have a little one, this is for you!

Early childhood educator Monica J. Sutton is bringing a sense of normalcy to distant learning through her pre-school circle time videos on YouTube. 

Since the pandemic, Sutton has started posting the videos at 9am, Monday through Friday. They cover the basics like the days of the week while also featuring lessons that incorporate a variety of sounds and cues that are sure to keep the little ones engaged. 

"So, ever since our lives have been turned upside and I had to figure out the best ways to continue teaching my students I decided it was important to also extend some options for our community as well. So here it is," she said on her Instagram page.

Sutton holds a Master’s Degree in early childhood learning and special education, with a career spanning nearly two decades. She was inspired by her own experiences as a child to go into education, dedicating her life’s work to making sure children feel understood, loved and celebrated.

“I was that little girl [who felt humiliated in nursery school]. And I’ll never forget that feeling of loneliness, shame and fear as I looked out at the room from my cot while the other kids and teachers looked back at me. Whenever I see that same look of pain in a child’s eyes, I feel it deeply. And knowing that the pain is avoidable is at the heart of my work with children today,” Sutton said on her site. 

Her YouTube page has more than 19,000 subscribers. There she provides product reviews, tutorials for children, behavioral plans and tools for parents, motivational talks, and of course her famous “circle time” videos. 

Through her website, Sutton offers free parent resources and training, private parent sessions, and an online community that offers tips and strategies on parenting. She is also the creator of the “Crayons and Tantrums” podcast, a deep dive audio series that shares stories around childhood development. Parents everywhere have praised Sutton’s efforts, saying that her lessons have helped them become better parents. 

Sutton says that she just wants parents everywhere to “[embrace] the journey of getting to know [their] child and guiding them to be their best selves, wherever they are in their development.”

For more information on Sutton and all the amazing work she’s doing check out her website at

Thank you for all of your work Monica! You are a game changer!

Photo Courtesy of Monica J. Sutton/YouTube