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Ludacris Creates New Media Platform To Teach Kids About Current Events Through Music

Ludacris Creates New Media Platform To Teach Kids About Current Events Through Music

Luda love the kids!

Rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges has created a new platform to educate children about current events using music, CNN reports.

Kid Nation is a new media platform created by Ludacris and his business partner Sandy Lal, as a way to talk to young children and help them learn about current events through music. The popular rapper writes the songs, produces the melodies and recruits young kids to perform them. The launch isn’t scheduled until this fall but Ludacris released two new songs, “Get Along,” and “Stay Clean,” tackling racial issues and hygiene, to address the COVID-19 pandemic and the uprising as a result of the murder of George Floyd.

“This is a whole new, futuristic take on children’s entertainment and music. I just feel like the landscape is very dated, [that] is the best word that I could use in terms of what is out for children’s music at the moment. And I think on a general landscape, we have a lot of adult music that kids love to listen to but there’s not enough kids music that adults also love to listen to,” Ludacris told CNN.

The new tracks were created by Ludacris after speaking to groups of young children about their concerns and “ [translating] that voice to adults.” With homeschooling and distance learning happening as a result of the pandemic, he thought this was a great way to continue the education, focusing on issues that schools may not be tackling in their curriculum. 

“Because we are in the height of not only COVID-19, but we’re also in the height of a racial divide that is starting to make small, positive change, and we want to help with that change. We’re trying to ensure the future of children everywhere. You’d be amazed at the impact that these songs have.” said Ludacris. 

The rapper is encouraging kids to send in their dance videos to the songs and get involved with Kid Nation. 

Check out the videos for “Get Along” and “Stay Clean” below!

Thanks for empowering the next generation Luda!

Photo Courtesy of Nina Prommer/EPA