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Lebron James Sends Tacos To LA Firefighters Battling The Getty Fire

Lebron James Sends Tacos To LA Firefighters Battling The Getty Fire

Bron Bron for the win!

NBA Superstar Lebron James sent one of LA’s most popular food trucks, Mariscos Taco Truck, to feed firefighters battling the Getty Fire, KTLA reports.

The Getty Fire is a wildfire spanning 745 acres that has been ravaging Los Angeles for about a week now. As of Friday morning, the fire was still only about 66% contained. While there were no reported civilian injuries, dozens of homes were damaged and thousands had to undergo a mandatory evacuation. James and his family were among the evacuees. 

The Los Angeles Laker tweeted about the fire saying, “Man these LA [fires] aren’t no joke. Had to emergency evacuate my house and I’ve been driving around with my family trying to get rooms. No luck so far! I [pray] for all the families in the area that could be affected by these [fires] now! Pretty please get to safety ASAP.”

After his first hand experience dealing with the damaging effects of the blaze and seeing all the firefighters working overtime to fight it, James decided to do something nice for the first responders by sending a taco truck to feed the crews. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted James, thanking him for his generosity. “Thank you, @King James, for generously sending a taco truck to support our @LAFD firefighters, first responders, and partner agencies working to fight the #GettyFire,” he said. 

It’s no secret that James loves tacos. He regularly celebrates “Taco Tuesday” in his home, posting to social media in excitement about his beloved food. James is no stranger to good deeds, as his I Promise School and recent partnering with Walmart to fight hunger proves. 

Over 1100 Los Angeles Fire personnel and 24 fire departments were sent to help with the Getty Fire. We hope crews found some solace in free tacos as they worked tirelessly to contain the blaze. By Friday evening, many of the evacuations had been lifted. 

Keep giving back King James, tacos and all!