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KevOnStage Studios Debuts New Travel Series Exploring Music & Culture With Grammy Award-Winning Artist evrYwhr

KevOnStage Studios Debuts New Travel Series Exploring Music & Culture With Grammy Award-Winning Artist evrYwhr

This is going to be good!

evrYwhr is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, singer and producer, best known for his work with Afro-R7B, blending Afrobeats, reggae, pop and soul music, Travel Noire reports. The Port Huron, Michigan native has worked with a number of artists including gospel rapper Lecrae and British singer Leona Lewis. His love for the culture and music has now come together for a new docuseries streaming exclusively on KevOnStage Studios

Destination evrYwhr follows the multi-hyphenate artist as he travels around the globe connecting with local artists to learn how their culture manifests in their local music. The artist said he became fascinated with music at a young age and always had a passion to explore the power of music to connect different people. His work as a songwriter has allowed him to work with a variety of different artists and craft a pretty diverse catalog. The new series is an extension of that work as evrYwhr attempts to bring us into that world. 

“I’ve had an opportunity to really spread myself out everywhere, and that kind of brings us back to the name as well…I’ve always had this desire to seek out culture, to deepen culture, to travel the world,” he told reporters. 

The show began filming in 2015 with evrYwhr desiring to create an Anthony Bourdain series style that focused on music. He has now partnered with Transit Pictures to bring the vision to market, exploring a number of places from Cambodia to Dubai. 

“I had the opportunity to experience culture through the universal language of music. As you travel in different spaces, you’re able to speak through music,” said evrYwhr. 

The docuseries is currently streaming the first four episodes of Destination evrYwhr. It is a beautiful display of the intersectionality of culture and music and how that reverberates around the world and the diaspora. It is being streamed exclusively on KevOnStage Studios, a subscription based streaming platform created by comedian Kevin Fredericks, known professionally as KevOnStage. The studio was launched in 2021 as a way to give opportunities to burgeoning Black creatives looking for distribution for their content. 

evrYwhr says the show has been instrumental in his own growth as an artist. He was able to discover his own ancestry, leading him to Lagos, Nigeria where he was able to work with popular Afrobeats artist Patoranking. Together, the two cooked up a new smash hit entitled “Roll On Me,” filming the video on location in Nigeria in what evrYwhr calls a powerful experience. 

“The five days that I got an opportunity to touch soil on the continent of Africa were so powerful for me…The music that’s coming out of Africa right now and the music that’s happening where Black American artists are tapping into our heritage and tapping into the sound that’s coming out of Africa. It’s rooted in love…[African artists are] creating a bridge across the Atlantic for us to be able to understand the culture and make a connection. There’s a welcoming back to the soil of Africa and that’s the most beautiful thing,” said evrYwhr. 

Destination evrYwhr is streaming now on KevOnStageStudios.

Cover photo: KevOnStage studios debuts new travel series exploring music & culture with Grammy Award-winning artist evrYwhr/Photo Courtesy of Kyle Crowell/Travel Noire