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Meet The First Black Justice Minister In Canada

Meet The First Black Justice Minister In Canada

A change in Canadian politics!

This week Canadian politician Kelechi "Kaycee" Madu was appointed as justice minister and solicitor general, sparking a wave of optimism among the Black community he represents, CBC reports.

Madu was born and raised in Nigeria, graduating with a law degree from the University of Lagos in 2001. He moved to Canada in 2005. He went on to practice law in Nigeria and Alberta, a province in Canada, becoming an active and integral part of the community. Dunia Nur, president of the African Canadian Civic Engagement Council, called Madu a role model, citing his background as a lawyer and his support of the council's mission to “[promote and strengthen] opportunities for members of the African, Caribbean and Black communities across Canada."

In 2019, the community elected Madu to represent them as MLA. Now, Premier Jason Kenney has promoted Madu to serve on the justice arm of Municipal Affairs, making him the first Black Canadian to occupy a position in local or federal justice sectors of the justice minister, attorney general, or solicitor general. The appointment is a bold statement from the government during a time when the Black community in Alberta has been overtly vocal about issues around racial justice in Canada.

"[Madu] is a man who has experienced racial prejudice firsthand and can bring that sensitivity to this important role. I'm excited to have him in that position, Kenney said."

"Historically, these are positions that have been occupied by white men that have no understanding of the disproportional impact of the justice system and what Black communities experience," Nur said. "By him being the minister of justice, it shows that the government is listening. The Black community celebrates him, and also, the Black community's not afraid to hold him accountable when we feel that it's time to do that." 

Congratulations Justice Minister Kaycee!

Photo Courtesy of Kaycee Madu/Facebook