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Jaden Smith Opening New Restaurant Where Unhoused People Eat Free

Jaden Smith Opening New Restaurant Where Unhoused People Eat Free

He's changing the world!

Jaden Smith is opening a new restaurant where those who are unhoused will eat free, Complex reports.

Two years ago, Smith launched the "I Love You" food truck, an initiative to provide "healthy, vegan food for free" to those in need living in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. Smith had to tweak his methods during the pandemic, focusing on sending care packages to Skid Row instead, equipped with food, cloths, masks, and hand sanitizer. 

Now that the world is opening up again, he's expanding his operations and turning the food truck into a full-fledged restaurant. Visitors who can pay for their food will pay an added tax for their meal to pay it forward for those who can't pay. 

"...If you're not homeless, not only do you have to pay, but you have to pay for more than the food's worth so that you can pay for the person behind you," Smith shared. 

This isn't Smith's first go at philanthropic concept initiatives. In 2019, he introduced us to "The Water Box," a mobile filtration system that provides water to areas that need it the most. Smith launched The Water Box in Flint, Michigan, giving water to those still impacted by The Flint Water crisis and offering the equivalent of nearly 300,000 water bottles to residents. 

"At any moment, we can create a new version of the world. I have a belief that the next thing that changes everything for everyone can be around the corner," said Smith.

No word yet on when the restaurant will officially open, but we can't wait!

Follow the "I Love You Restaurant" on Instagram here.

Thank you for all you're doing, Jaden!

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images/Revolt