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Here’s Every Time Keke Palmer Made Us Proud This Year

Here’s Every Time Keke Palmer Made Us Proud This Year

She’s a star!

Keke Palmer hosted NBC’s Saturday Night Live this past weekend and she kicked off the show with a surprise of her own: a baby bump! While rumors had been circulating for a while, the 29-year-old had yet to confirm or even hint that she may be expecting. When she confirmed the rumors, unbuttoning her blazer on live television to reveal her cute little belly, she was met with a barrage of well wishes and congratulations by all of her industry peers and internet cousins. 


Seeing Palmer launch into the next season of her life brought us a great deal of joy. Not only do we wish Palmer a safe pregnancy, birth and delivery, but we also want to say we are so very happy for her. She’s doing it her way and taking no punches. It’s refreshing to see the young boss command her life in this way and show other Black girls that it's absolutely possible. We are sure she’ll be a great mother to her little one!

While Keke is definitely showing out this week, let’s reflect back on the whole of 2022. Here is every time Keke Palmer made us proud this year:

When she announced her own network, KeyTV

On November 3rd, Keke Palmer launched a digital network to spotlight a new generation of creators. 

“All it takes is one of us to unlock a door to unlock a million doors for each other,” Palmer said at the time of the channel announcement. “I’m so excited to introduce you guys to KeyTV, where our stories matter and where we are represented as the keys to the culture.”



When she announced her new animation work

Keke “Stay With A Job” Palmer has never had any shortage of gigs, but we are most excited to see her step into animation in a big way. While this isn’t her first go-round on the cartoon scene, Palmer really showed up and showed out this year with a number of voice acting spots in major animations, including Netflix’s Karma's World series where she played rapper Cece Dupree, Netflix’s Human Resources where she played Rochelle, Pixar’s Lightyear where she played Izzy Hawthorne, and on Disney Plus’ Proud Family reboot where she plays Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins.



That time she reminded us to keep going

Palmer has literally grown up before our eyes and while it took us a while to transition from baby Keke to all-grown-up Keke, we are most reminded when she gets us together with a little word. Remember that time she told us that sometimes we should judge a book by its cover? “Quack Quack!” While there are some hilarious moments for sure, Palmer is known to sober us up. Like in September, just when we were feeling stagnant on our journey, it was Palmer who reminded us not to give up!



When she made history as one of the few Black women to grace the cover of British Vogue

It’s 2022 and it’s unfortunate that we still have to fight for representation. However, when one of us makes it, we all make it! Palmer graced the cover of British Vogue this year as one of the few Black women in its century-plus history to do so, giving us yet another reason to root for her.



This summer when she appeared in Jordan Peele’s NOPE film

While Peele’s film NOPE was as enthralling as it was confusing, receiving mixed reviews among viewers, it still did well. Not only was it a blockbuster hit, the film earned more than $100 million worldwide at the box office, Variety reports. Palmer shined in her portrayal of Emerald Haywood, starring alongside actor Daniel Kaluuya. Not only did she provide some much-needed comedic relief, she also acted her tail off, and we were all so proud. 



That time she celebrated 20 years in the industry

Palmer took to social media back in July to remind us of her lengthy veteran receipts. She’s a young OG and the stats were impressive as she shared some pictures from her Glamour magazine shoot and reminded us all why we need to put some respect on her name. 

“28 years old, 20 years in the industry. This year has been highly insightful and empowering for me. I’ve stepped into my autonomy in an even crazier way than I ever have. I am just grateful to God to still love it like I do. Here’s to another 20 years,” wrote Palmer. 



The Vanity Fair interview last week when she shared her Angela Bassett impersonation with THEE Angela Bassett

In 2006, we were delighted to witness the chemistry of Angela Bassett and a young Keke Palmer onscreen in the film Akeelah and the Bee. It wasn’t Palmer’s first role, but it was a breakout one that cemented her into the hearts of fans forever. Last week, we were able to get a full circle moment between the two megastars when they sat down for Vanity Fair magazine. Bassett requested that Palmer do her famous viral impression of the iconic star, recreating a scene from the 1992 series The Jacksons: An American Dream, where Bassett starred as matriarch Katherine Jackson. Needless to say, Palmer nailed the moment and was halfway through the impersonation when Bassett joined in on the fun. Not too shabby Keke!



Congratulations Keke! Keep going girl. Because of you, we can!

Here’s every time Keke Palmer made us proud this year. Photo Courtesy of @mr_dadams/@keke/Instagram