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Here Are The 8 Greatest Black Line Dances Of All Time

Here Are The 8 Greatest Black Line Dances Of All Time

Rest in peace DJ Casper!

It doesn’t take much for Black people to get a party going. Birthdays, holidays, baby showers, graduations, any time is basically a good time to bring together family and friends. But even with the food, and drinks and laughs, no good time is complete without the quintessential Black line dance. You get indoctrinated at an early age and by the time our babies are toddlers, it’s usually “time to get funky.” Recently, we found out that one of our line-dance icons, DJ Casper, the creator of the Cha Cha slide passed away from cancer at the age of 58. A Chicago native, Casper originally created the song as an aerobic exercise for his nephew, ABC 7 Chicago reports. Once local radio got a hold of it, it went viral and quickly became a staple across the globe. 

"I have one of the biggest songs that played at all stadiums: hockey, basketball, football, baseball; they played it at the Olympics. It was something that everybody could do," Casper previously told reporters.

Now that the beloved DJ has passed, we pay homage to his work and legacy. While he wasn’t the originator, he could never be duplicated. Here’s to DJ Casper and the 8 greatest Black line dances of all time!


The Cha Cha Slide by DJ Casper

While it seemed to be one of the newer songs at the time, we actually can’t believe this has been a part of the culture for more than 20 years. Equally great was all of Casper’s remixes. We’re most fond of Part 2 and no party is complete without it!


The Electric Slide by Marcia Griffiths

This is the originator and one of our all time faves! It’s been here long before us and it will be here long after. Are you even Black if you don’t know the electric slide? Questions that need answers! The great part about this one is Griffiths original song doesn’t even need to play for us to break out into the electric slide. Any Black staple song will do and you are sure to get some version of the electric slide. Come let us take you on a party ride!


The Wobble by V.I.C.

This one was a hit when it dropped in the early 2000s. Who knew it would stick with us all this time. By the time we get here, we’re deep into the gathering and after about 5 rounds, your thighs are sure to start burning lol. But we can’t resist a good wobble! It makes us back it up!


Jerusalema by Master KG feat Nomcebo

Every few years the culture gives us another gem of a line dance and who are we to say no. They come from all over the globe and when it hits the community, we do our best to learn it. This one is still making its rounds and there’s a couple different versions but you still have time to perfect it before the next function! It’s a bop!


@sedelbaird #jerusalemachallenge #fyp #foryou #guyaneseedition #dance #afrobeat #guyanesetiktok #trini #bajan #stlucia ♬ original sound - Sedel Baird


Can’t Get Enough/Tamia Line Dance

This one is only for the professionals! We see a lot of y’all out there trying to get this Tamia line dance down pat and here’s the thing…IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! This one is for those with 30+ years of line dancing under their belt. They usually show up in matching outfits and spend their free time at cabarets. Leave this one for your aunties and uncles because you might sprain something trying to get it together. 


Swag Surfin’ by F.L.Y

Okay so we might be stretching it with this one but here us out…you gotta get in some type of line for this one right? F.L.Y. understood the assignment when they dropped this banger and now no party, HBCU homecoming, or lit function is complete without the swag surf. It’s at the White House, CBC weekend, weddings and your grandmama’s 90th birthday. It’s an all-purpose moment. When you hear “MAN I GOT THAT SWAGGGGG” you assemble! And the only thing for you to get together is your left to right. That’s all there is to complete a good Black function!



The Cupid Shuffle by Cupid

This is another workout but one you’ll enjoy the whole way through. This one starts at age 5 because you need a little endurance to get this one and make sure you have your bearings and have stretched because you’ll be going for a while once you start. It’s an all ages thing and it has indeed taken the world by storm and is by far, one of our faves. It’s the song that never ends!


The Detroit Ballroom Hustle

Man this one is a classic! If you’ve ever been to a function and seen a group of folks bust out into full on choreography, we guarantee they’re from Detroit. Doesn’t matter the song, doesn’t matter the beat, they’re going to bust out in a ballroom hustle and you’re going to struggle to keep up. This one takes practice but once you get it, collect your trophy at the line dance winner’s circle!

Happy dancing people!

Cover photo: Here are the 8 greatest Black line dances of all time/Photo Courtesy of MrCTheSlideManVEVO/YouTube