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HBCU Grads Launch Vegan Burger Company With Nationwide Delivery

HBCU Grads Launch Vegan Burger Company With Nationwide Delivery

There’s a new vegan burger in town and it's ready to go beyond the impossible. 

Friends and business partners Duane Myko (Morgan State), Danita Jones (Bowie State) and Chef Jumoke Jackson combined their expertise and passion for healthy eating to form what they describe as “a flavorful alternative to meat products.” 

“Our goal is to educate the community on the benefits of a healthy vegan lifestyle,” co-founder Myko told Because of Them We Can.

Their company, Everything Legendary, was inspired by Myko witnessing the benefits of healthy eating firsthand. His mother has battled lupus for over 35 years and he credits her strict vegan diet with helping her fight the illness.

“With Everything Legendary we hope to break generational curses of unhealthy eating. As everyone knows, Black people have higher rates of blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. Everything Legendary strives to provide healthy and delicious plant based meat products that everyone will enjoy,” he said.

The company offers four types of soy free and gluten free burgers. A classic burger, a pepper jack burger infused with vegan pepper jack cheese, a cayenne pepper burger infused with vegan cayenne pepper cheese, and a cheddar burger infused with vegan cheddar cheese.



The genius behind the burger’s flavorful taste is Chef Jumoke Jackson.

“Everything Legendary products are created in a kitchen by a real chef, not in a lab by a scientist,” Myko said.

Although the company was formed in 2019, the team decided to pivot to an e-commerce direct to consumer model to spread their products nationwide amidst the pandemic shutdowns. Switching their business strategy from local stores within the Washington, DC area to online, required a slight increase in their prices, however they (and their customer base) believe their burgers are “worth every cent.”



There are very few Black-owned manufacturers of plant based meat products. Not only do they want to help people eat healthier, but they hope to inspire the next generation of Black entrepreneurs to create whatever product or business they set their minds to.

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