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Hampton University Alum’s New HBCyoU Dolls Are Now Available At Target

Hampton University Alum’s New HBCyoU Dolls Are Now Available At Target

You’re going to want to get them all!

A Hampton University alum’s new HBCyoU Dolls are now available at Target.

Brooke Hart Jones is a Hampton University alum and the creator of HBCyoU Dolls, a new brand from Purpose Toys with the aim of "sharing the magic of HBCUs with children far and wide." Purpose Toys' mission is to create toys that center and celebrate communities of culture. Their products include a line of natural hair dolls, and now the HBCyoU Dolls. 

The 18-inch dolls feature various characters from a cheer captain to a student body president and homecoming queen. Each doll also has a major and interest including pre-med, physics, and captain of the debate team. 


The instagram page of Target While Black used their platform to share the dolls and let consumers know they had officially hit Target stores. The post shows a video of the brand’s homecoming queen doll, each toy emblazoned with Jones' photo and a brief synopsis of the company’s back story. 


According to the social site, there were only 2 left at that location so it seems like inventory is flying off the shelves. 

“She’s so freaking pretty!!! Run y’all! Run!!,” the site captioned the video. 

You can get your HBCYoU Dolls here or visit your local Target ASAP. These are definitely going to be collector's items. 

Photo Courtesy of HBCyoU Dolls/Instagram