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Fashion Expert Kahlana Barfield Brown Releases New Affordable Collection At Target

Fashion Expert Kahlana Barfield Brown Releases New Affordable Collection At Target

Target’s first-ever-of-its-kind collection includes sizes that range from XXS to 4X!

Fashion expert, Kahlana Barfield Brown, has just released a new affordable collection at Target, The Cut reports. 

This fashionista has been on many people’s best-dressed list for a while. A heavyweight in fashion and beauty publishing, Brown was born and raised in Seattle and earned her bachelor's in Washington, D.C from Howard University. She got her start as an intern at InStyle, working her way up through the ranks to serve in several key roles, including Beauty Director. She has served as both a writer and editor, made appearances on your favorite red carpets, and is considered an influencer in the fashion game by high-end brands and companies like American Express, Lancôme Official, Laura Mercier, and Facebook Marketplace. 

While high fashion has been predominantly white for years, Brown brings a new type of resonance to the sector, adding her face to the conversation in a way that feels familiar to a new generation of fashionistas. Known for taking the basics and making them high fashion, she’s one of the best at what she does. After years of making strides, Brown is embarking on fairly new territory. She’s partnering with Target for the retail giant’s newest brand, Future Collective, a forward-thinking collection co-designed with a rotating team of influencers and cultural experts. Reflecting on her journey thus far and where she plans to go next, Brown said she is ecstatic about the new collection during her interview with reporters.

“I would take little tank tops that went under our shirts and tie them up to make them into a skirt. I just wanted to be creative in the way that I approached fashion, and I always felt like I saw it through a very unique lens,” recalled Brown. 

She said she can remember being interested in fashion as early as five-years-old — her passion for fashion was passed down from her grandmother. Brown soaked up all the lessons she could then forged her own style. The new collection is reflective of that, with Brown’s imprint on every piece. Target issued a press release about the new collection, saying it aimed to encapsulate each influencer’s personal style and personality into the pieces. 

“Each influencer’s collection will share a new style story and aesthetic, providing on-trend options — all at a value you’ll only find at Target,” the company shared. 

The first collection includes an array of “elevated basics” that include statement pants, structured denim, classic button-downs, blazers, etc. Known for her streetwear looks and the way she plays with shapes and structures to enhance even the most basic of pieces, the collection really captured Brown’s fashion taste.

“Designing this Future Collective collection really started with the essentials — great denim, bodysuits, blazers, jackets, and pants that feel classic but versatile. I wanted these pieces to stand the test of time while still having cool details and silhouettes,” said Brown. 

It was pertinent to her that she be intentional from the very beginning, working with Target to make sure there was something for all women. Each piece is carefully crafted with women in mind, creating all-purpose items that appeal to a variety of body shapes and lifestyles. There are pieces for work, play, and a little bit of in-between. 

“If you’re a girl who likes prints and patterns, we got you. If you like solids, we got you too,” Brown added. 

The result is an affordable collection with 120 pieces in total, complete with sizes ranging from XXS-4X, and prices that range from $16 to $70 with the majority of the items priced at less than $40. 

“We know that a lot of designers stop at a size 10, but this is for everyone to shop and find something for themselves,” Brown told reporters. 

The fashion aficionado said one of her favorite pieces from the new collection is the denim jacket, a “must-have” in everyone’s wardrobe. 

“I love it because it’s the perfect shade of denim. [It’s] not too light and not too dark with an interesting silhouette,” she explained. 

Still, she wants shoppers to have fun with her new collection, aiming to teach women to dress for their body type and to not be afraid to play around with fashion. While sizes are a staple on every clothing item, Brown says they are more of a guide and you shouldn’t be afraid to play around with different sizes to see which one looks best on you. 

“Don’t worry about the number on the tag! It’s all about how it looks and feels on you,” said Brown. 

The Brooklyn-based fashion guru took to social media over the weekend to share the release of the new collection with her 300k+ followers. Brown is seen in a video wearing each of the pieces in fully styled outfits that are cute enough to make you give up all your coins. The outfits are styled down and up, perfect for an athleisure look or a night on the town. Brown said she can’t believe she has a new collection, calling it an emotional moment. 

“GOD DID. I can’t believe I can finally share one of the biggest moments of my career. Ya girl has her very OWN [Target] collection dropping! I’ve never been this emotional about putting something so close to my heart into the world. Future Collective with Kahlana Barfield Brown is DIFFERENT. No words can do this collection justice, but I’ll say this: Accessibility does NOT have to sacrifice style or quality,” she wrote. 



Brown was immediately flooded with well wishes, and people jumped at the opportunity to support the beauty influencer. 

“Take our money NOW!,” wrote Essence magazine’s official IG account.

“I AM RUNNING TO THE STORE!!!,” journalist Gia Peppers added. 

Twitter was also in shambles after many of Brown’s longtime supporters shared their excitement online. From congratulating to praying for her to those who even highlighted some issues on Target’s end during launch day, Brown’s supporters showed up and showed out. Because of the affordable price point, people were able to pick up multiple pieces and get a headstart on their fall wardrobes. 

One user wrote: 



Another supporter tweeted:




This isn’t the first time Brown has worked with Target either! Her first collaboration with the retail chain was for their Black Beyond Measure campaign, an initiative designed to spotlight the importance of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The latest collaboration with Brown is an extension of Target’s REACH commitment, an endeavor launched in early 2020 with the goal of creating a lasting impact among Target’s Black team members and guests. CEO Brian Cornell pledged $10 million to advance social justice causes and support the community. The company then established the Racial Equity Action and Change Committee (REACH) to help spearhead and lead the efforts. 

Target executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, Jill Sando, spoke about the latest partnership with Brown, saying, “By co-creating collections with a roster of amazing influencers who have diverse fashion perspectives, Future Collective is an exciting evolution in our owned brand assortment — offering guests more ways to celebrate their individual styles. We’re thrilled to have our longtime Target partner, Kahlana Barfield Brown, help us introduce this first-of-its-kind Target brand that promises to bring guests ongoing inspiration, style, and joy — all at an incredible value.” 

Target is known for its exclusive launches with fashion-forward influencers and cultural tastemakers. From the company’s recent collaboration with popular Minneapolis native designer Houston White to vegan influencer Tabitha Brown’s limited-time-only lifestyle collection, Eunique Jones Gibson’s popular card game CultureTags, and Bellen Woodard’s “More Than Peach” coloring bundle. Target just gets it. And a lot of that comes from their intentionality in being tuned in and responsive to the culture. 

This is the next level in the evolution of fashion for Kahlana Barfield Brown, who has already been featured on a number of high-profile platforms including Today, Good Morning America, The View, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight. Brown and Target hosted a special launch dinner during New York Fashion Week to celebrate the release of the collection. She showed up stunning as usual, wearing some of the designed items, surrounded by family and friends. 



On launch day, she took to her stories to share highlights from the dinner, reposts of supporters wearing her items, and some tips about some of the pieces. 

“Ok, there are two main things I want you to know when you’re shopping this collection…The denim runs small so you have to size up. Go up 1 or 2 sizes (2 sizes to be safe). Don’t say I didn’t tell you lol. This collection is TRULY inclusive. This was super important to me. I wanted EVERYONE to experience this collection. Sizes range from XXS to 4X. Stop playin!,” wrote Brown. 

She also thanked Target immensely for highlighting her work and giving her agency throughout the creative process during this latest partnership. For Brown, it’s not just about fashion, it’s about the way she’s able to influence the culture within fashion. 

“Thank you [Target] for seeing me, believing in me, and giving me the creative autonomy to execute my vision the only way I know how: FOR THE CULTURE,” she wrote. 

You can get your Future Collective pieces from Kahlana Barfield Brown at your local Target or online now at

Fashion expert Kahlana Barfield Brown has a new affordable collection at Target. Photo Courtesy of Target/Future Collective/Kahlana Barfield Brown