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Family Goals: Meet The Real Life Huxtables

Family Goals: Meet The Real Life Huxtables

“What do you call a Gastroenterologist, Pharmacist, Pulmonologist, Dentist, and Attorney?...Family.” That’s the caption that accompanies the photo of recent graduate, Dr. Earl Campbell III, surrounded by his parents, sister, and his wife and kids. Simply put, the Campbell family is Black excellence. 

Back Row (L to R) Earl Campbell III, MD (Gastroenterologist), mother - Hope Campbell, PharmD (Pharmacist), father - Earl Campbell Jr. MD (Pulmonologist) Front Row (L to R) wife - Thomia Campbell, DDS (Dentist), sister - Laurielle Campbell, JD (Attorney)

The photo was taken in celebration of Dr. Campbell’s recent graduation from his Advanced Interventional Endoscopy fellowship at Yale University.  As a Gastroenterologist, to say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree is an understatement. Campbell’s father, Early Campbell Jr. MD,  is a Pulmonologist. His mother, Hope Campbell, is a Pharmacist. His sister, Laurielle Campbell, JD, is an Attorney and his wife, Thomia Campbell, DDS, is a Dentist.

When it came to positive examples growing up, Campbell and his sister didn’t have to look beyond their household. 

“My parents have always been my role models, and I loved that they never pushed us to follow a certain career path,” Campbell told Because of Them We Can.

He believes its important from him and his wife to raise their children the same way.

“We want our kids to pursue what they are passionate about because the road can be long and arduous, but it's so much sweeter if you truly enjoy what you are doing,” he said.

Campbell attended Howard University for undergrad and originally planned to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine. However, the death of his aunt during his Freshman year, coupled with a summer spent in a surgical research lab, put him on a different path.

Now, after successfully completing 12 years of post college medical training, Campbell is ready to make his mark and continue his family’s legacy. Most of all, he says that no matter what career his children choose, he feels blessed to know that "they are surrounded by living proof that they can be whatever they want to be."

Congratulations to the entire Campbell family!

photography by Barkel Photography