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DIY Grooming Inventor Is Saving Hairlines Across The World During Quarantine

DIY Grooming Inventor Is Saving Hairlines Across The World During Quarantine

Help for your haircuts is on the way!

Joshua Esnard, creator of The Cut Buddy, may have one of the few products on the market that we all didn’t know we needed until now.

The Cut Buddy is a stenciling device that helps you cut your own hair, lining up the perfect hairline, shape up or edge and helping to trim your beard. According to Black EnterpriseEsnard created the device when he was just 13-years-old, perfecting it over the years and eventually launching the product in 2016. He believes his DIY barbering tool is the perfect tool to help those in quarantine who are struggling with not being able to go to the barbershop as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I created this when I was a kid. I couldn’t go to the barber. Either it was too far away, or I couldn’t afford to. Now, with this pandemic, hopefully, my invention can help people feel a little bit better about their haircuts and themselves every day,” Esnard said.

Esnard sold 4,000 units in just an hour when the product was first released. Going on to be featured in a number of major publications including GQ, Forbes and NBC’s The Today Show. He went on to be a featured contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank, garnering an investment from business mogul Daymond John and further catapulting his success. 

Currently, Esnard is offering discounts on The Cut Buddy as a result of the current crisis. “It’s only a haircut tool, but I’ve seen how much it means to people to feel good about how they look every day. I hope this can help people’s lives feel a bit more normal,” Esnard says.

Get your Cut Buddy today at and get a 15% discount at checkout at with the promo code: DIY2020.

We hope this helps! Thanks for all you’re doing Joshua! 

Photo Courtesy of Joshua Esnard