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Diddy Announces Launch Of ‘Empower Global,’ Newest Face In The Black Business Marketplace Arena

Diddy Announces Launch Of ‘Empower Global,’ Newest Face In The Black Business Marketplace Arena

He’s hoping to help keep the dollar in the Black community!

Sean “Diddy” Combs recently announced the launch of Empower Global, a digital marketplace aimed at helping consumers discover and support Black-owned businesses, Revolt reports. The newest e-commerce platform aimed at providing opportunities to help Black owned-brands reach a larger consumer base, Empower Global already boasts more than 70 Black owned-brands including Scotch Porter, Buttah Skin, Cool Creative Clothing, and Coco & Breezy. Currently, there are more than 1,000 items available for purchase on the platform. 

“For a long time, I thought about how to create radical change. Over the years I’ve realized radical change starts with us. I’m extremely passionate about creating a platform that will show the power of unity. [Through] my life’s work and the different stages of success, I’ve realized for our people to break through and advance we have to do things together,” said Combs. 



Empower Global joins the ranks of other Black-businesses aimed at helping circulate the Black dollar back into the community. Companies like We Buy Black, Official Black Wall Street, Hella Black, Shoppe Black, and Blk + Grn, all focus on providing options for consumers looking to support Black-owned businesses across markets. Recently, We Buy Black announced new fulfillment operations, an added step in helping Black entrepreneurs get their products direct to consumers. 

We Buy Black is primed to give Black entrepreneurs a much needed boost and pipeline, directly to consumers. Distribution changes everything and shifts control back to our community. While many are calling for major retailers to ‘give’ shelf space to Black owned businesses, controlling distribution is tantamount to building our own shelf, kitchen, and dining room. When others control the distribution, you have to depend on their favor. When you control the distribution, however, you can’t be shut down or shutout,” the company said. 

Empower Global is looking to continue that work, expanding it even further and uniting the efforts of Black brands everywhere, an extension of what the music mogul says is his larger mission. 

“Empower Global represents a solution to all of the things that have held our communities back. Let’s unite, brand by brand, company by company, person by person, customer by customer, dollar by dollar,” Combs explained. 

The company partnered with other Black-owned companies for its build out, TechSparq handling the build and design with support from ChatDesk. Empower Global has also partnered with UPS for Days of Deals where select sellers will provide discounts on certain products and offer free shipping for a limited time only. Empower Global is hoping to expand from their initial 70 brands to more than 200 by the end of 2023. 

“Empower Global is a transformative platform that embodies Sean Combs’ unwavering commitment to Black entrepreneurship. On behalf of Combs Global, we are thrilled to launch this initiative, which not only showcases the incredible products and talents of Black-owned businesses but also provides a gateway for consumers to support and uplift our community. Through Empower Global, we aim to foster sustainable growth and create lasting opportunities that will leave a positive and enduring impact on the Black economy,” said Combs Global President Tarik Brooks. 

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Cover photo: Diddy announces launch of “Empower Global,” newest face in the Black business marketplace arena/Photo Courtesy of Getty Images