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Detroit Might Be Turning Aretha Franklin's 'Freeway Of Love' Into A Reality

Detroit Might Be Turning Aretha Franklin's 'Freeway Of Love' Into A Reality


Photo via: Atlantic Records 

Since Aretha Franklin passed away on August 16, her hometown of Detroit, Michigan has continued to honor her legacy. From the Detroit City Council agreeing to rename the Chene Park concert venue, the Aretha Louise Franklin Amphitheater, to opening a new exhibit about Franklin's life at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Last year, the council renamed a street in the downtown district, Aretha Franklin Way, and now Detroit Democratic Rep. Fred Durhal III has proposed to rename a part Michigan's M-10 highway after the Queen of Soul.  

"Her father's church is in my district and so she was a staple in the community. We just wanted to make sure we paid the proper tribute to her,” said Durhal about his proposal. 

Durhal added: "Look at her funeral and memorial service and folks came out in droves. Franklin was a source of inspiration for thousands, both with her music and her dedication to civil rights activism. She always showed so much love for our city — this is a great way to show how much the people of Detroit loved her back. 

Do you remember the 100 plus pink Cadillacs that were lined up outside of Franklin's homegoing service? If the renaming of the highway gets approved, we think it's only right the ceremony for Franklin's "Freeway of Love" gets the same treatment. 

Long live the Queen of Soul.