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‘Bad Boys For Life’ Scores Big At the Box Office And Sony Announces ‘Bad Boys 4’

‘Bad Boys For Life’ Scores Big At the Box Office And Sony Announces ‘Bad Boys 4’

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith have done it again!

The third installment of the Bad Boys franchise had a stellar opening weekend and Sony is already preparing for Bad Boys 4, Essence reports.

Bad Boys For Life opened in theaters this weekend, garnering nearly $70 million, Forbes reports. The return of the cop duo, Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), made history as the second-largest film opening in January of all time. 

The film follows Lowry and Burnett as hilarious cops who track down some of the most notorious drug dealers. The pair make for a great storyline filled with high powered action. 

Ahead of opening weekend, the film was already expected to pull record numbers, and Sony quickly announced a Bad Boys 4 in the works. The first film debuted in 1995 with the sequel coming 8 years later in 2002, but then we waited 18 years for the third installment, a lifetime and an entire generation to see our favorite pair reunited. The huge gap in films was apparently due to budget costs and finding the right story, The Hollywood Reporter reports. 

Chris Bremner, the screenplay writer for Bad Boys For Life is expected to return for the fourth installment along with Lawrence and Smith. Jerry Bruckheimer is also scheduled to return as producer. 

No word yet on when production will start for the film but we shouldn't have to wait as long. And that’s a good sign!

Photo Courtesy of Columbia Pictures