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9 Black Owned Businesses That Deserve Your Support This Season

9 Black Owned Businesses That Deserve Your Support This Season

Just about everyone loves to shop. Even if we leave the house with zero intention to spend money, a dollar somehow always manages to get spent. According to Sunmark Credit Union, the average daily spending by Americans of all ages is $164.55. Based on data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2020 alone the buying power of African-Americans rose to $1.6 trillion. In order to keep the Black dollar circulating in the Black communities, companies like WeBuyBlack stepped up! Now they are one of the largest online marketplaces connecting consumers to Black-owned businesses. These Black Ambition Prize winners created a browser extension you can download that curates Black-owned products based on your shopping habits. We listed a few Black-owned businesses with great products that you can extend your dollar to this season. 


The Baltimore-based designer, Anifa Mvuemba, is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the owner of Hanifa, an online boutique that went viral for their virtual fashion show during the pandemic. The pieces are stylish and fit for any occasion!



    2020 was deemed “The Year of the Telfar” because in that year people went crazy over these colorful shopping bags! Telfar bags created by Telfar Clemens were selling out with every drop and soon became quite difficult to purchase. Resellers quickly took advantage of the releases and began overpricing them until Mr. Telfar, who prides himself on his brand slogan, “Not for you –for everyone,” stepped in and put a stop to it. Over time, the bags became readily available along with new colorways hitting the market. He’s not only limited to bags, this designer is selling hats, belts, and jewelry. 

      Milano DiRouge

      MilanoDiRouge created by entrepreneur, influencer, author, and real estate investor Milan Rouge is a Philly native who started her business in 2012 selling t-shirts. Now, she's a full fledged multi-million dollar empire. Her clothes are catering to women of all sizes and offering the hottest designs. By supporting her brand she can continue to show people it's never too late to follow your dreams. 


        Black and Mobile

        After realizing it was difficult to support Black-owned businesses through traditional delivering apps, twin brothers Aaron and David Cabello decided to create and launch Black and Mobile, an app which became the first ever Black-owned delivery service in Philadelphia. This app brings the Black-owned food to your doorstep in select cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem/Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Queens with more cities coming soon. 


          If you’re 21 and over, looking for a good time, or trying to secure some last minute alcoholic party favors, QuikLiq is the way to go! Created by three HBCU alums, this tech-forward digital marketplace is bringing the finest selection of beer, wine, and spirits to wherever you're at. They currently service the city of Miami/Miami Beach and other areas of Florida and Atlanta, GA. 

            The Hoot / EarthlyMart / PUR Home

            Sundays were made for cleaning and you can do so with products crafted by Black people! The Hoot is an all natural, all-purpose cleaner that’s not only affordable, but safe for the whole family. Earthlymart provides natural and hypo-allergenic products for households and businesses, and PUR Home offers laundry detergent and multi-purpose cleansers. 


              Brown Estate Wines 

              You can support this Black-owned business on the ground or in the skies when flying with Delta Air Lines. Brown Estate wines started as an estate winery in California's Napa Valley until they secured a partnership with the Atlanta based airline in 2019.

                The Local Green / CurlCap

                If you are a Disney fan, boy do we have the business for you! If you’re ever at Walt Disney World, take a visit to the first Black-owned food truck, The Local Green. Serving primarily plant-based menu items, this restaurant-turned-food-truck is owned and operated by husband and wife Robyn and Zak Wallace. Their main goal is to keep people healthy, and it all starts with what you eat. If you love Disney merchandise, then check out CurlCap. Created by Britney Crowell, this Amazon bestseller made history as the first Black woman-owned apparel company to sell licensed Disney merchandise. Crowell created these caps for all hair types and textures, keeping you cool from the sun and allowing your curls and fros to flourish!


                Soul Cap

                Now for our Black swimmers, you won’t want to miss this! The cap that was banned from the Olympics is now available for all and officially approved for professional use. Soul Cap, created by two best friends in London, was designed to cover big hair and can be used to keep your tresses protected from chlorine damage. 

                  All these Black-owned businesses are booming and can continue to take off with continuous support. These business owners are also inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. 


                  Photo: Facebook/ShopBlackOwned