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This 89-Year-Old Virginia Math Tutor’s Virtual Lessons Have Gone International

This 89-Year-Old Virginia Math Tutor’s Virtual Lessons Have Gone International

A teacher in motion stays in motion!

An 89-year-old Virginia math tutor's virtual lessons have gone international, Good Morning America reports.

Delores Spencer began her teaching career in 1954, more than 6 decades ago. In 1991, she retired from the school system and took up tutoring in an after-school program where she has served for the last 20 years. Continuing her work as a tutor has helped her keep up with the changes in teaching and kept her active since retirement. Last April, she decided to begin tutoring virtually, starting "Mrs. Spencer's Math Lab" as a way to help students and parents transition to homeschool.

"Fractions are your friends," says Spencer during one video posted to her Facebook page.

Every week, she offers a free virtual class on Facebook. Her lessons have racked up thousands of views and reaches students in the U.S. and internationally. 

"I just wanted to really help students get over that fear of math. So many parents and students have fear of mathematics," Spencer said.

She assists students of all ages and parents and offers bookings for one-on-one sessions and group tutoring. It is not just the lessons that hook people, but also her warm and encouraging nature.

"Get a positive attitude and say, 'I can do this,'" Spencer tells students in one of her videos. 

She hopes to continue helping students learn and comprehend math, one building block at a time. 

"I wanted to reach people who can not afford tutoring but need it. If I can find out what blocks you, then I can remove that block, and usually you don't need me anymore until you get to another block. And so that's what real tutoring is about. Sometimes you tutor a student all the way through a course. But most of the time, you move the block, and they come back when they need you again. And that's what you really want," Spencer said.

"Mrs. Spencer's Math Lab" takes place every Tuesday on Facebook Live at 7pm EST. 

Thank you for all you're doing, Mrs. Spencer! Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Spencer's Math Lab/Facebook/Good Morning America