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8 Good Gifts You Can Buy Last Minute And No One Would Notice

8 Good Gifts You Can Buy Last Minute And No One Would Notice

We haven’t finished our shopping either!

If you’re anything like us, the holidays have really crept up on you. One day you’re laughing at celebrity Halloween costumes on the internet and the next day, it’s December 15th. While it may be too late to get that specialized art piece you wanted before Christmas day or that duvet you’ve been eyeing for your mother, there are other gifts that are readily available that your friends and loved ones will find equally thoughtful. For a full swath of Black-owned products, visit directory sites like Shoppe Black or the Mirriya App. But for a quick rundown, here are 8 good gifts you can buy last minute, and no one would even notice:


Health & Beauty Products

Health and beauty products may be the easiest purchase. They’re quick to find online and in various large retailers, and they make really great gifts. You can pick up some Black girl sunscreen, a Bevel kit for dad, a new Black-owned electric toothbrush, some plant-based health products, or a new hair care item. Whatever you choose, it’s a quick and valuable purchase, and it’s sure to put a smile on your loved one's face, especially if they’ve been wanting to try the product for a while. If you really want to get creative, make a little care package and add a little bit of everything.



Snack Basket

Maybe you’ve got that one family member that just loves to snack. They really enjoy the cookie, hot chocolate, and candy gift baskets you find around Christmas time, and this holiday season you want to make it a little more personalized. What about a Black-owned snack basket? You can pick up some Black-owned coffee, tea brands, ice cream, ramen noodles, and even some energy drinks. If you think quickly, it should all get here by Christmas and we guarantee they’ll be delighted.




Business Help

For the budding entrepreneur in your family, it might be a little harder. Sure, you can purchase a journal or maybe a new bag for their laptop but what about getting them some business help? You can really get creative with a number of subscriptions that might help or inspire them, such as Masterclass, a membership to a Black-owned private club where they can network with peers, a list of grant funding for small businesses, an appointment to open a Black-owned bank account, an annual scheduling account to make meetings easier, or even a one on one career coaching appointment for Black professionals.



Card Games

Games are always a safe bet for a gift. They can be given individually or as a family gift and people are sure to enjoy them even if they don't use them regularly. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s usually just a click away. Of course, we’re repping #CultureTags all day every day and it’s for sure one of the most fun games on the market right now. But there are other Black-owned games that the family might enjoy as well, and we’ve compiled an entire list of them here. Go ahead and grab them all!




If you’re looking to give out some grown folks gifts, you can never go wrong with some Black-owned libations. We’ve got a list of breweries, alcohol, and spirits that are Black-owned on our site, but if you’re having a hard time choosing, you can pick up some Black Girl Magic Wine, Uncle Nearest Whiskey, or Black Momma Vodka pretty much anywhere. You can’t go wrong with this gift. 




If you have an avid reader or avid book buyer in your life, a good page runner is the way to go. Extra points if it's written by a Black author. We’ve compiled a ton over the last few years, but our favorite lists are the ones featuring Black authors, cookbooks written by Black chefs, and books for the children that will teach them about Black history. We hope these help!



Black-Owned Experience

Some of your loved ones would prefer you hold the gift and give them something they can remember. We are those loved ones! In this case, you may want to lean towards a unique experience. You can gift them a trip to a Black-owned ranch where they can get a therapeutic horse ride, a Black woman-owned winery out in California, and put the cherry on top by making sure they stay in a Black-owned AirBnB. Sounds like so much fun, right?!



Souvenir or Memento

If you’re still undecided, what about something that takes a little bit of thought but has immense value? A special keepsake like a collector’s item doll may be good, or a commemorative postage stamp. You can even gift them an ancestry test, one of the sites recently acquiring the largest digitized collection of formerly enslaved people to help with even more ancestor tracking accuracy.



Whatever you choose, we know it will be great. And while you’ll get it last minute, it definitely won’t feel like you thought about the gift last minute. Pro tip…search for the items on your favorite online quick delivery retailer site. It’s faster that way. Happy shopping!

8 good gifts you can buy last minute and no one would notice. Photo Courtesy of iStock photos