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6 Black YouTubers Who Can Teach You How To Cook Like A Pro Before Thanksgiving

6 Black YouTubers Who Can Teach You How To Cook Like A Pro Before Thanksgiving

Get your pen and paper and start taking notes!

So look, we know we’re all still trying to lose the last bit of quarantine weight, but the holidays are fast approaching, and you might as well restart your gym membership in January because it’s time to eat! 

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or preparing for your first Thanksgiving hosting, we want to make sure that you have everything you need. There is absolutely nothing worse than waiting all year for a family gathering centered around food then the food turns out to be the one thing you could’ve gone without!

So get your pots and pans, a round of new seasonings, and make sure you have space in your refrigerator because it’s time to start cooking. Here are 6 Black YouTubers who can teach you how to cook like a pro before Thanksgiving:

Cooking With Tammy (534K Subscribers)

Tammy is a New York City-based Chef and a self-proclaimed seasoning master. She has her own line of Cooking with Tammy seasonings and she’s got the recipes to go with them. From smothered turkey wings to a pork chop and mashed potato recipe that looks incredible, Tammy is not here to play with you. And if you still want the whole turkey, she’s got a perfect recipe for that too. Visit her page to get ahead of the game for the Thanksgiving holiday!




Smokin’ & Grillin with AB (2.09M Subscribers)


Will all the real year-round grillers please stand up?! We absolutely love this page. It’s like getting into the kitchen with your favorite uncle; there’s just a certain familiarity to AB’s way of teaching us that we can’t get enough of. Whether you want some ribs on the menu, candied yams, or a good old pinto bean, he’s got it all. AB’s cooking feels like home, and it’s surely where the heart is. 


Camirra’s Kitchen (163K Subscribers)


With more than 200 videos for you to choose from, Camirra’s Kitchen is your best destination for Thanksgiving recipes. Never one to be under seasoned, she’s got you covered from breakfast to a brown sugar ham that’s falling off the bone. We were also extremely impressed by her $50 Thanksgiving feast videos. Baby get yourself a full meal on a budget and stop playing!



The Danni Rose (988K Subscribers)


A personal favorite, Danni Rose is here to bring a southern feel to your dishes. Just in time for Thanksgiving, she has plenty of easy-to-make recipes that you can try that'll impress your guests. Do you see this dressing?! 


Kimmy’s Kreations (346K Subscribers)


Kimmy is a mainstay on our computer screens. If we’re ever looking to go on a diet, we just scroll right on past because she’s guaranteed to make you break it. A mom of 3 who swears she’s not a chef, Kimmy just makes it look easy. Whether you’re looking for a few quick Thanksgiving appetizers, a spin on your traditional Thanksgiving staples, or some really quick and delicious desserts, she’s got you covered. We cannot wait to try her seafood mac and cheese and of course, the no-bake cheesecake with the airplane cookies! We recommend making two so you don’t have to share.


Say What! It’s Vegan? (20K Subscribers)


We lucked up on Chef Joya when we came across her page on Instagram recently. We followed the internet rabbit hole to YouTube where we found so many of her amazing vegan recipes. Chef Joya is an award-winning celebrity vegan chef and Fantasia Barrino’s personal chef. She is the author of four vegan cookbooks and has been featured on Food Network. Most importantly, she recently got the Tabitha Brown stamp of approval, and that’s as good as gold in our book. 

She calls herself the queen of mac and cheese, vegan and non-vegan, and just based on the gooeyness, this vegan option will not disappoint. Let’s make sure we’re clean eating during the holidays and giving our plant-based cousins some healthier and delicious options!


Pro-tip - test out some of these dishes before the big day. Ain’t nobody got time to be experimenting on Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!

6 Black YouTubers who can teach you how to cook like a pro before Thanksgiving. Photo Courtesy of Smokin and Grillin wit AB/Amazon