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6 Black YouTube Channels That’ll Teach You How To Make Smarter Money Moves This Year

6 Black YouTube Channels That’ll Teach You How To Make Smarter Money Moves This Year

Let's get to this money people!

YouTube is the classroom from home, serving as a resource for anything from learning how to braid to teaching your child Black history! We’ve covered Black channels that will help beginners start their fitness journey, teach you how to cook and keep you on track for your New Year resolutions. Today, we’ve compiled a list of Black YouTube channels that'll teach you how to make smarter money moves this year, courtesy of Freedom In a Budget. Check them out below:


Q Makes It Happen

Quinton is the man with the plan! After paying $33,000 in debt and turning his income from $18,000 to $60,000 in 4 years, he set out on a journey to help others become financially free. Some people teach you how to prioritize your health, but Q is using Q Makes It Happen to help you prioritize your wealth with his motivational videos and tips. When the finance coach isn’t on YouTube, he's hosting the Next Level Money podcast. 



Black, Married and DEBT FREE

Couple Shyra and Marques Murrey paid off 6-figures of debt in two years then shifted their focus to real estate investing. On their channel, Black, Married, and DEBT FREE, they discuss topics pertaining to investing, early retirement, side hustles, real estate, and wealth building. But the duo didn’t stop at YouTube; they have a book entitled The Hidden Psychological Effects of Money on Black Women.



Zay - The Wealth Strategist

Ashonzay is a first generation wealth builder. He grew up in a household where money was not discussed, having no choice but to show himself the ropes. He’s now using his YouTube channel to share his financial and stock market tips to help us reach financial independence and give first time generation wealth builders the support to navigate a new lifestyle. 



His And Her Money

Talaat and Tai McNeely are here to help us stop the cycle of debt and start building generational wealth. The McNeely’s are not only money experts but have quite the expertise in the marriage department as well. However, it did not start out that way for the pair. In the beginning, they claimed to be “financially incompatible” but after some redirection and commitment, they were able to increase their wealth and their love for one another. The two paid a $330,000 debt in just 5 years using one income. A year later, Talaat was able to quit his full-time job and the couple was able to begin His And Her Money.


Popcorn Finance


This channel is poppin’! After taking a finance course for fun, Chris Browning soon learned he didn't know much about money and wanted to help people who might be in the same boat. Browning switched his major from arts to finance and landed himself a career in accounting and financial analysis. He started his YouTube channel, Popcorn Finance, in 2017 and within the first year, he was named the Best New Personal Finance Podcast. Since then, he's been awarded the Consumer Excellence Award and been named one of the Top African-American Financial Gurus to follow in 2018, 2019, and 2020 by NerdWallet.



Slay This Debt

If you’re looking to learn how to budget, look no further; Deedra B is using her platform to provide us with all the frugal-living and money-saving tips. She’s showing us how to save money in the grocery store, cut those electricity bills and pay off a mortgage quickly. Deedra has been featured on some of the channels/podcasts listed above, such as His and Her Money and Black, Married and DEBT FREE. 

There are many creators looking to help you make smarter money moves, you just have to be prepared to do the work and exercise a bit of discipline. In this economy, we know that can be difficult so take it one step at a time. Try gathering a group of friends to share tips and tricks with to make the financial journey even more fun!

Here’s to increasing those savings and earnings, ya’ll!

Photo: San Francisco Bayview National Black Newspaper