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50 Pieces Of Advice From Black Grandmas That Will Change Your Life

50 Pieces Of Advice From Black Grandmas That Will Change Your Life

Whether you call her Big Mama, Nana, Granny, or Grandma, a grandmother's unconditional love and support is something that most of us can identify with. We asked our audience to share some of the life lessons they learned from their grandmothers and the response was both touching and overwhelming. Check out a few of our favorites below.  

1. "From both my grandmothers, I learned that family comes first and that it takes sacrifice, strength and community to keep families together. Miss them both so much."- Sope Ogunyem, @nylalag

2. "My grandma taught me ‘Be positive, even in difficult situations, and every day, look forward to miracles.’ She went through a lot but she always tried to teach us how to be happy." - @chayabeecool 

3. "Not only through her words, but even from her life story, I've learned from my grandma to never apologize for being who I am, never give up, and don't ever stray from the standards I have for myself for anyone!"- Jessica, 

4."Keep your faith in Jesus, he will see you through. Never fail to pray and give God thanks and glory for all the things he has done and still doing." -@belovedbykriss  

5."My grandmother taught me how to pray. She just turned 86 at the beginning of February. Although she has Alzheimer's, she still sing songs that glorify God. I'll love her forever!"- Julia T. Allen

6. "A pretty face alone takes you nowhere, be a woman of class and substance...Thanks Grandma."- Yanna Marie, @yanna_ma_irie

7."Your word is your bond and don't say anything if you really don't mean it."- SháRon, @ladymufasa

8."My grandmother passed away in 2006. She taught me to stand up for what I believe in. She made me the political activist I am today. I read four newspapers a week and she instilled in me the will to give. Even when I don't think I can I have something to give. And most of all be grateful. I miss her everyday."- Bernadette, @runningyogitx

9."To always have your own money!!! She would call it coffee can or mattress money."- Ky Nicole Johnson 

10. "Never let anyone or anything steal my joy."- Timmura J., @im_marab

11."Everything that looks good to you may not be good for you, and everything that's good for you may not look good to you." - @hiswarriorforlife

12."My other grandma said to save money for emergencies, to treat yourself every now and then, and how to have fun with 5 kids and 15 dollars (she always had us going somewhere we never really noticed when money was lacking)." – Jasmine Love

13. "Always follow your intuition. if a man doesn't treat you right, don't be afraid to leave. Talk to God. Be good to people but if they're not good to you, leave them alone."- @ohsowrite

14."My grandma retired at 55. During her retirement she returned to school to obtain  not just her bachelors, but her masters, and doctorate in family health and counseling. The lesson I are never too old to reach for your dreams."- @mrshillroebuck

15."I absolutely adore my grandmother. She practically raised me. One of the biggest lessons that she taught me was to be patient and wait on the Lord. She would always tell me 'Trinita, remember it's not going to happen on your timing. Just hold on to his word.' I am so blessed to still have her with me."- Trinita, @mstrinita

16. "To be a strong Black, classy, intelligent lady, never settle, and that education is vital!!"- @_ummabdulfataah

17. "This world doesn't owe you anything! You have to work for everything!"- Tamika Moore, @trmoore81

18. "Can't have champagne taste on a soda pop budget."- @lady_jk79

19. "Never ever disrespect or look down on another woman because of her don't know her story and why she made the choices she's made..."-@s_elle_wally

20. "No matter what job you have, be the best at it, even if you're a janitor."- Lorenzo Young, @ga_4eva

21. "Sharing, even if it's just your time or knowledge. I would come in from school, hurry up with my homework so I could go out to play. She would stop me and make me help my cousin and sisters with theirs before I could go outside." -Bobby Nash 

22. "Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. Always love the Lord with all your heart." - Monica Octavia 

23. "People are going to talk about you whether you are doing good or bad. So, you just let them talk. Do what's best for you."- @jog225

24. "They both taught me prayer changes things."- Shan Martin 

25. "It doesn't cost a thing to speak to or compliment someone. You never know what they are going through." - @xo_chenell

26. "God has plans we know nothing about. When it comes to life, boys and men can wait. Your health is everything."- @whatisherlife

27. "'It's okay to be different... even if that means being different from the whole family...' I was in college but still wanted to hang out with cousins who weren't doing much with their life..." - Jazzy, @mcgheesintheam

28. "Do everything with love; family is EVERYTHING."- Kay, @tynette1

29. "To whom much is given, much is required. Go out and do good today!"- Elle Rousseau, @only1elle

30. "My grandmother always said through God you can do anything."- Angela Link 

31. "Grandma told me to cook 2 or 3 meats on Sundays--- so I would have them for the rest of the week."- Bernell Holmes  

32. "Whenever a task is first begun, never leave it till it's done. Be it big, or be it small, do it well or not at all." -Candace Dyson 

33. "My grandma was my everything. She taught me how to PRAY; love; cook. Save money, be happy with what I have... the list is endless..."- Neeks Sanguine, @neeksanguine

34. Keep moving. Physically, emotionally, mentally. It's the key to stay young and healthy."- Tanikqua, @ttwinkles923

35. "To always be kind to folks, don't be a fool and the power of faith and prayer."- @prettyeyed5

36. "Never go to someone's house to eat empty handed."- @meljohn05

37. "Take care of your teeth and sometimes you have to tell people NO, even people you love."- @agrlhasnoname1

38. "Homeownership is true freedom!"- @1stnamesiouxsan

39. "A closed mouth don't get fed. You have to speak up and tell people what you need when help is necessary."- Kayritza, @kmojones

40. "I learned about the act of giving. My grandmother always gives unselfishly. I loved the times she slips me a little money in my hands even though I tell her no."- Nieema, @culturedsister

41. "Be prepared; handle your business!"- Ladonna Hopper, @donnalove2

42. "Don't give or get your love from one place. You need to give and receive all kinds of love for a full life. Spread it around, cultivate all kinds of relationships, only one relationship will not serve a wide beautiful life."- @eisroughdraft

43."Strength comes from community as well as self."-Allison Siegel, @calypsochutzpah

44. "Forgiveness ain't for other people, it's for you." - @sapodillaunleashed

45. "How to be graceful under tremendous pressure."-Delores Turner, @nodrivel99

46. "'Never let a snake in your bosom. If you do u can't be surprised when they turn around and bite you'. Her way of saying be careful who you allow to get close to you because you can't trust everybody and everyone is not your friend. She also use to tell us 'not to share our good news' because as badly as you're praying for it, someone may be wishing against your blessing." -Alisha, @finding_lisha

47. "When the time is right, you'll know."- @caresseaudra

48. "My granny use to say, 'Nothing beats a failure but a try'."- Key Briscoe, @keyabempoweredwriter

49. "She taught me the importance of getting up early to have a cup of tea or coffee and just being still to get my mind right for whatever the day would bring."- Ms. Dawn, @mz.sun.shine

50. "My grandmother, 94 years old, told me how to be a woman of integrity- to be the same at your core no matter who you are be one who can laugh loudly and unashamedly, love wholeheartedly, take care of people and the blessings you're blessed to have in life."- Andrea, @dreagreene6

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