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15 Black Doctors You Should Be Following On Social Media

15 Black Doctors You Should Be Following On Social Media

Pioneering doctors like James McCune Smith and Rebecca Lee Crumpler, who were the first African American man and woman to earn their medical degrees, paved the way for generations of African Americans in medicine. Today's Black doctors not only carry on their legacy through their work but also have created a strong online presence that shows what a doctor looks like. Here are 15 Black doctors that you should be following on social media.   

1. Tera Poole, Doctor of Dental Surgery and the first Black valedictorian of the University of Maryland's School of Dentistry, the world's largest and first dental school 

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 2. Dr. Kelvin Brown, MD, MPH 

 3. Dr. Andrea Alexander, OB/GYN Resident 

 4. Dr. Javon S., Doctor of Dental Surgery

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 5. Dr. Michelle Henry, Dermatologic Surgeon  

 6. Dr. Jessica Shepherd, OB/GYN and Media Health Expert

 7. Myron Rolle, Medical Student and Former NFL Player  

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8. Dr. Laura Lacquer, Dermatology Resident

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9. Dr. Phoenyx Austin, specializes in health and fitness

9. Dr. Phoenyx Austin, Founder of The FitBeauty Shop 

10. Dr. Nik, Fitness and Nutrition MD, Doctor of Medicine

 11. Dr. Jasmine Shanelle, Veterinarian

12. Jaii T., Medical Student and Future Surgeon

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13. Dr. Leslie Nwoke, Psychiatry Resident

14. Dr. James, CEO and Founder of Diamond Physicians

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15. Dr. Bernard Ashby, Vascular Cardiologist

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