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11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Raising Funds To Bring A Mobile Financial Literacy Bus To His Community

11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Raising Funds To Bring A Mobile Financial Literacy Bus To His Community

He's already accomplished so much!

An 11-year-old Georgia entrepreneur is raising funds to help bring a mobile financial literacy bus to his community, Black Enterprise reports. 

With the help of his parents, Caden Harris began his first at just seven years old, releasing his first book just a year later at the age of eight. Over the years, he has honed in on his passion for financial literacy, teaching children in his community via local schools, church youth groups, and Boys & Girls Clubs. The organizations have been some of Caden's biggest supporters and invite him back to their events year after year to allow Caden to share his passion for financial literacy and grow that motivation in other children. 

Now, at age eleven, Caden has several financial literacy products he's created and recently purchased his very own bus. The goal is to create a mobile financial literacy unit that helps youth "increase their ability to earn, save, budget and even invest money. The bus will feature several interactive installations, including various career booths to make money. Participants will learn to budget in this mock grocery store, a mock bank where children can learn to create a bank account, and a tablet station to teach investments.  

Caden is calling on the community to help him fund his dream goal of gutting the 54 seat passenger bus and converting the bus into his dream mobile financial literacy unit. He has launched a GoFundMe and offers sponsorship opportunities for businesses that want to support his mission. Caden plans to feature his sponsors' logos on the bus and offer various promotional giveaways when it's completed. 

"I have already saved enough money to purchase my bus with products that I created and sold. With this bus, I will go around to schools and events to teach financial literacy in a fun interactive way...There are stem buses around, but there aren't buses teaching financial literacy, which is the best tool we can learn to ensure we have a secure future," a message from Caden on his fundraising page reads. 

To support Caden's efforts, donate to his GoFundMe page. 

Congratulations Caden! Keep reaching for the stars! 

Photo Courtesy of Caden Harris/Black Enterprise