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10 Black-Owned Tea Brands That’ll Help You Stay Cozy This Season

10 Black-Owned Tea Brands That’ll Help You Stay Cozy This Season

It’s tea time!

As the weather gets colder and you prepare to cuddle up near a fireplace, you’ll need a cup of tea to keep you cozy. Whether you like it cold brewed or steaming hot, we’ve got you covered; there’s even an opportunity for you to stock up on fine china and tea accessories if you like. We’ve listed blends for seasonal colds and ones that’ll help you get a good night’s sleep. To make your shopping simpler and continue to buy Black, below are 10 Black-owned tea brands that will help you stay cozy this season! Click the brand names to learn more.


“FLYEST is the Hip-Hop inspired tea company celebrating Hip-Hop culture through tea, honey, and tea accessories, like our #TRAPTEA Spoons and our fine porcelain tea cups, TRVPCHNV. Every cup is like a Gucci Mane mixtape. If you don’t know who that is, you can’t sip with us. Drink tea like an adult.” 


Ellis Island Tea

A cold tea brew, this Detroit-based, naturally sourced tea is an old Jamaican family recipe. Founder Nailah Ellis-Brown got the recipe from her great-grandfather and wanted to put a drink on the market that gave you that delicious, sweet tea flavor without all the extra additives. The drink is currently available for purchase at

“I’ve always wanted my nutritional facts or the ingredient lists to be something you can actually read, and not look like a science project. My short, simple ingredient list is always something that I’ve strived to do. So it’s a real product. And first and foremost, it tastes amazing, and I think that’s originally what draws people in. And then when they see the person behind the brand, and my agenda and passion, I think that's when the loyalty ends up kicking in,” said Ellis Brown.

Black Momma Tea

“Known for our gluten-free loose-leaf tea selections, biodegradable tea bags, CBD hemp tea, and organic flavored agave, Black Momma Teas offers all that you need to savor every last drop without the guilt.

Proudly 100% made in the USA, the all-natural syrups, gluten-free flavorings, and organic tea blends we carry are high in quality and guaranteed fresh. Whether you're a daily sipper looking for eco-friendly tea bags or a casual tea drinker on a diet, you'll find all of the purest essentials for stocking your collection right here at Black Momma.”

Purchase your tea at


BLK & Bold

“BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages. Co-founders Pernell and Rod created this company with the desire to unite coffee and tea lovers worldwide through a common interest of investing in community, specifically for the youth. Pernell and Rod believe that if children are the future then they should be equipped with resources to manifest their potential.

With that philosophy, BLK & Bold pledges 5% of its proceeds to nonprofit organizations across America that are aligned with pouring into children the confidence, exposure, and guidance for them to be the best version of themselves.”


Purchase your bag of tea at


Pennie’s Tea

“Having mastered the art of creating custom blends, we venture into each day aspiring to share amazingly delicious tea that relaxes and enriches while arousing the taste buds with each sip.

Pennie’s Tea offers a selection of tea-brewing equipment and other remarkable products that loyal customers enjoy as perfect complements to the more than 50 blends of premium teas offered, such as Island Berry, Strawberry Kisses and Ginger Peach Blast. Such teas will assist in fighting cholesterol, preventing cell damage and reducing inflammation and joint pain and weight loss. 

Our Mission is to provide teas that are healthy and delicious and that are distinct in taste to help promote fit and healthier lifestyles.”



Heritage Tea Blends

“Heritage Tea & Beverages manufactures organic loose-leaf teas and all-natural beverages. Our tea line features over 25 blended concepts made from various Black, White, Green, and Chia teas worldwide. Our organically blended teas are custom-made with unique flavor profiles. Our all-natural beverages are recipes passed down for generations; Hibiscus Punch, Basil Lemonade, and Sweet Ginger, are made with all-natural ingredients and preservatives.”



Cured Leaves Tea

“Cured Leaves Tea Company is a socially conscious business designed in layers of wellness that connects people and communities, promotes wellness, and influences mindful tea culture.

The Cured Leaves story begins with a seed and grows from earth to cup, fostering the concept of universal connection and growth.

Tea is a habit. We use it as a tool to create space for repetitive success, healthier living, and better mental wellness in the lives of our clients and partners…The teas at Cured Leaves Tea Company connect you first to yourself and your senses then to everything and everyone around you. We want you to be as expansive and lively as you can be, but first tea.”


Just Add Honey Tea Company

“Just add honey tea company was created by tea lovers. We wanted to enjoy tea and knew that there was more out there than what was on the shelves. Instant tea, artificially flavored, penny-pinched tea bags, 5 o’clock teas, feel-better teas, etc, etc. WE HAD THEM ALL!”



Brooklyn Tea

“Founded by husband-and-wife duo Jamila Wright and official Tea Sommelier Alfonso Wright, Brooklyn Tea has become the hot spot for tea enthusiasts everywhere! If you love tea as much as we do, Brooklyn Tea is definitely for you. All of our teas are loose-leaf, all-natural, iced, hot and in more than 50 varietals. Stop by one of our tea rooms or purchase online today!”



Adjourn Teahouse

“Adjourn Teahouse is an artisanal loose-leaf tea company specializing in organic, hand-crafted, full-leaf tea blends. Adjourn is rooted in love and the quest for collective liberation through pausing & rest practices…We believe in embracing moments that help us recenter and balance our whole selves through Adjourning practices or pausing intentionally with tea.”


Drink up!

10 Black-owned tea brands that’ll help you stay cozy this season. Photo Courtesy of Drink Flyest